[Guide] Governance Challenge - Metagov DAO

Welcome to Open Web Governance Challenge, hosted by Metagov and NEAR. For the most updated information, please see the challenge portal.

The Metagov SputnikDAO has been created in order to support governance experimentation within the Web3 community and specifically throughout the NEAR ecosystem. Over the course of the challenge, community members will be invited to submit project proposals to the DAO. These project proposals, if successfully passed, will allow participants to earn NEAR tokens for solving problems within the creative Web3 space.

From May 15th to June 6th 2021, this topic will be used as a general discussion thread for proposals that are to be submitted to Metagov DAO.

More questions? Ask them here, join the governance challenge Telegram, or join the NEAR Discord.

Prize areas

Governance challenge

All completed proposals will be considered in the core governance challenge, featuring:

  1. $5000 grand prize.
  2. $2000 second place.
  3. $500 for up to three honorable mentions.

If you’re not sure whether your project falls into scope, check out the posted challenge areas or message us (on Telegram](Telegram: Contact @governance_challenge) or on the NEAR Discord.

Activation week

To qualify for a 30 NEAR payout (~ $120 USD), all you have to do is register a Sputnik DAO for your project, have a council with your team as voting members, and submit a 500-word draft proposal to the Metagov DAO within the first week of the hackathon (deadline: May 22, 23:59 GMT). In addition to the direct payout, a submission will also qualify you for a round of special prizes to be announced during the first week. Note that there’s a finite prize pool for payouts, so proposals will be answered first-come-first-serve.


There are a number of funded challenge areas related to problems faced by specific Web3 communities. Please see Open Web Governance Challenge for the current list of bounties and challenge areas. The winner and runner-up of each funded challenge area described will be awarded $1,000 and $500, respectively.

How to submit

To participate, post your proposal to the Governance Category of the NEAR Forum with tag “metagov”. Please use this template proposal to structure your post.

Then submit a payout proposal to the Metagov SputnikDAO linking your forum post, with the appropriate payout target (this will be your project DAO if you created one). Judges will use the link provided to make a voting decision on your proposal.

Please use only one forum thread per submission (you can reuse the same forum post from the activation week for the main challenge / for bounties). Posts to the forum can be edited or replied to if you need to add content to a submission.