[OPEN CALL] NxM Council Open Positions

As NxM grows and we are having much more actions behind the scenes ongoing, I and @Monish016 are looking for new councils who would like to work with us for NxM ongoing projects.

Our responsibilities:

  • Creation of custom function call in order to vote on CreativesDAO polls,
  • Monthly reviewing of the proposals submitted by our community members,
  • Hosting Community Calls,
  • Working towards NxM growth in terms of writing and implementing projects documents, attending meetings with our partners, minting NFTs, being available and helpful for our community members.

Currently, we are working on:

  • setting up the LLC.,
  • NxM pfp project,
  • NxM NFT collection on Paras (made by artists in our community),
  • Setting up a social media team, along with a person responsible for marketing.

You Can Qualify If…

  • You’ve contributed value to the NxM Community,
  • You’ve participated in any NxM events or activities,
  • You’re active on Telegram,
  • Interested in moving forward upcoming and ongoing actions

Please submit your interest with justification here, before March 17th, 2022.

Please be informed that this position comes with one month trial period.


Okay I’m in for this. :heart::heart: NxM… AfroStar

Let’s go! @Paul @Monish016

add me on Astro iamsterryo.near


Great, I’m interested in marketing if considered.


Thanks, SterryO!
Would you like to share in more detail why you are a perfect candidate for that position? We would appreciate your insight on this.
Many thanks!


How many positions are available for the social media team @Paul?


Hello NxM, I’m the Tune, majorly a musical creative and positive minded individual, I grasp the idea of the NxM movement and the roles of council members in the community and I would love to state that I qualify to being a council member.

I would love to Declare my interest in the position as I believe good communication skills is one of the major tools needed in the running of the modern world created by us, creatives, and also In dissemination of vital information to community members at large. I am able to communicate and derive positive results using my marketing skills as I got my Bs.c, Bachelor’s in Marketing from a renowned University in Africa,

I am a empath and positive individual, I believe that I would do just right or better for what position I would be representing as council member if selected.

The NxM is a Great body and I would love to be of service to the Cause.


Hello @NxM council members, Creatives,Partners and Moderators all over the NEAR forum and members of the NXM community,
I am Chukwu Nduka Samson a graduate of Business Administration from the University of Abuja Nigeria, A Talent Manager, Event Planner/Manager, A Realtor,A member of the C1 guild Planning Team, A builder of Collectibles, and currently the moderator of the NxM discord server.

I am interested in working with and in the NxM community the NEAR Ecosystem at large in the capacity of a council.
My journey in the Near protocol began 2021 where I serve and played a Vital role in planning and executing of The first NEAR onboarding event in Lagos Nigeria, @sterryo Album launch, I contributed as a Strategist for the event and also served as The MC/Host of the event, That began my journey in the Near Ecosystem and i used that opportunity to show my Marketing, Event planning/Management skills which I till date still Function and have in my little way contributed in way of “Ideation”, “Filed practice” “Logistics manager”, “onboarding personnel” at every point in the Ecosystem, having had the opportunity of working with @Dedeukwu @JCB ETC.
As member in the C1 I have participated in community calls also in Task where i see my self relevant, And have shown supports by way of social media marketing and also Participating in Some Clubhouse, Twitter space, Telegram Which I have picked up some Community call moderations and the proper attitude to events and Topics.
May I also point that I am a member of the Team for the C1/NXM Abuja Tour thus Showing my ability to Work unsupervised, follow Directives, carry out Task diligently, work with Team in achieving set goals and objectives Under any circumstance.
I have experience in project review and An open minded person who has ability to Learn on the Job.
I have also Learnt to use my social Media as a medium to share the Good news and great opportunities of the NEAR Ecosystem,
In the little period I was named moderator in the discord I have followed the community instructions, it’s guidelines and have restructured the Discord in ways that it will serve even better it’s purpose and in the spirit of a research person, also have I come up and began to implement ideas and Events that will Grow the NXM community and also the NEAR Ecosystem at large, also with close supervision of @Paul and guidance from @Monish016 .
As a Web2 Talent manager who is been able to Transition into web3 I have single handedly onboarded Music artists, DJs, web developers, producers/sound engineers into the Ecosystem.
Also I have learnt how to build collectibles, built one and am growing my skill in using the Voxedit, and also the Magical Voxel, My skill in marketing and artist management which I have also shown by working with @ELKHUSH ,KEKEBORO including some Nigerian Movie Actors, just to mention a few in the capacity as Manager, Public Relations Officer, A&R. I have vast knowledge in the entertainment industry which some of them are applicable in the Web3 and I am Ready and learning new ways of applying all that I know.

If given the opportunity to serve as council in the NXM I will do my best to continue showing firm presence in the activities of the guild and continue to find new ways to Improve my self and other Members, grow the community in the Ecosystem through my services in the NxM community.
I hope my application is considered and my person found worthy to serve this community as Council.
Thank you


Thanks @Paul Yea, Close to 9 months experience in the ecosystem

The first African NFT music producer,

Founder of AfroStarGuild #afrostar-guild and be leading excellently

Very Active on the blockchain “NEAR Ecosystem”

Council Member of Community DAO #community:dao DAO also.

On-boarded so many musician NxM DAO

Currently a Minter on NxM store on Mintbase

And influencer yo over 32k followers on Instagram


Hello @Paul, @Monish016 and @NxM council members, I’m SK The Alternator. I’m a creative, a music producer and a sound design engineer.
I’ve been around the space for a while to understand some aspects of it from the outside.
I’ve participated in a lot of activities on this space, Started with “Think You Got Skillz” that was hosted last year.
I’ve also been involved in the BeatDAO projects for a while too, and even came out first for the NEARnauts anthem.

I’ve previously worked on other projects (Cryptohills Academy, Nigeria) as their community manager, encouraging community involvement and driving engagements through my strong communication and social media skills.
For example, while I was the academy’s community manager in Nigeria, I conducted a few calls and an AMA section with other projects, thereby generating a lot of interest and enthusiasm for knowledge in the community.

I’m very passionate about knowledge, cause I believe education comes before adoption. People can only adopt what they understand. I’ll work with the team to simplify anything that’s complicated so that others can comprehend it, thereby attracting more users to the space.
I’m also a firm believer that “Integrity is more important than what is being built”.

NXM amazing, and I’d love to be part of what they’re building,contribute my quota to their growth and serve the community. Thank you


Hi there, as I have been working constantly on the forum, I would like to apply for the position. I find this is an opportunity for me to grow with NxM DAO in particular & the Near ecosystem in general.

About me
I am a native Vietnamese and have worked around the ecosystem since Oct last year. With a strong academic background & the eagerness to learn things, I have been familiar with different topics & matters happing around the ecosystem.

Forum statistic


Open Web Sandbox Vietnamese Regional Moderator (Oct 2021-Jan 2022)

  • Manage Vietnamese Discord channel
  • Feedback contributor’s work on Rolling opportunities
  • Discuss & Make OWS DAOcision for payout requests

Open Web Sandbox Project Manager (Feb-Now)

  • Connect projects inside the Near ecosystem to form partnerships (Cheddar, BlueBit Finance, Mutant Swap, Near Insider, …)
  • Recruit contributors & supervise contributor’s work
  • Handle calls & take care of projects & partnership requests

Community DAO council

  • Create bounty proposals to activate community
  • Participate in open discussions on DAO
  • Review proposals & making DAOcision

On-chain statistic

Thank you so much for your consideration, Looking forward to building a strong DAO ahead.

William X


Hey @Sleezy_Moss at the moment, we don’t know, as we are going to set this with new councils. :slight_smile:


Hello, I’d like to put my name into consideration.

I started working with NxM in, I believe, March of 2021. I am familiar with the early growth of the community, as well as the grant proposal process. I also have experience working on the social media side of NxM, and have hosted community calls in the past.

I left the group for a few months at the end of September, but while I was away, I was still collaborating with other communities that are connected with NxM, such as providing education courses in the C-1 discord. I have been back in the community for a few months now, and have the availability to be more involved again, at this time.

I feel that I bring experience with web3, specifically NEAR, projects, community members, as well as the understanding of NxM’s early development. I love working with the other members of this community, and seeing where I fit and how I can assist others.

I appreciate the consideration!

-Bone Police (Jacob)


Hey NxM!

I’d like to work with you guys too. I’ve experience across the board with a number of DAOs in the ecosystem, primarily as a community manager. NxM Vibes is a live event we started developing here in Lisbon. I can possibly help with A & R in the longer term amongst other operational duties if that’s something of interest.

Onwards and upwards!



Hey @Monish016 @Paul !!!

Sound like a nice idea, as long that NxM is part of my history inside Ecosystem!

My Store was owned from one of my first bounties, came from NxM.

Than we did the first Brazilian event related to Near Protocol, we did sponsored by NxM too:

[APPROVED] Physical and MetaEvent Quintas Paralelas-Nomadelabel show - SaoPaulo/br Jan 2022

Now our collective Nomade Label, became a DAO too, and im glad that i had the support of other DAOs like #the-clan-guild #afrika-burn-guild #gambiarra-dao , specially, but also other features with #creatives:muti-dao #creatives:incubadorapt-dao #metaverse-dao #beat-dao
I believe that the ecosystem grows health with all this connections.

As a multimedia artist and musician and also pioneer of Brazil Cryptoart movement, i do believe that i can contribute with this DAO, as i´m very interested to work and learn with the community.

Glad for this Open Call

in a way or another
see you guys around :wink:



Very much interested in being actively involved in the revolution called NEAR in whatever capacity am deemed qualified. I have a degree in Masscomunication, I am a record producer,musician & songwriter presently working on my project, #ThePheonixEP sponsored by the NXMDAO, dropping this march. Creativity in all forms(music, art, acting, writing) have always been a part of me.I am big on ideas & concepts. I come up with the most witty, standout & catchy brand materials you can think of. You need edge? I am your plug. The world needs to jump on the jolly train called NEAR & I want to be part of the success story.

Council member, social media handler, moderator or otherwise? sign me up.

I am open to be given a trial period to see if I can be competent. I promise I won’t disappoint.



You would be a great addition to the NxM team! :100: :grinning:


Thanks!! I really appreciate that, encouraging! :star_struck::grin:


Dont forget Metaverse DAO :slight_smile:
We just give you a heart. <3


thanks for reminding

Already updated :wink:

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This is brilliant, your ideas are welcoming.
It obviously shows that you know what you are doing and you sure deserve it (council):+1::+1: