[Proposal] Updates to NxM Governance Structure & Council for 2022

Seasons Greetings!!!

As we move into 2022, with exciting times ahead in the NEAR ecosystem, I am wishing you all the best in everything to come! This proposal has been a while in the making and for those who have been following along with the progress and activities in NxM I’m sure it will come as no surprise.

Personal Update:

I’m officially submitting my resignation from both my leadership role in the NxM Community Telegram & Twitter accounts as well as my role as active DAO Council member. As of January 2022 I will begin the handover process and will remain active throughout the month to ensure that by the beginning of February the incoming council members are able to effectively carry out their new duties. I’m not leaving the ecosystem entirely, so I will still be around and remain a part of the NxM community. This also applies to the other communities in which I play a role as DAO council.

Incoming Council

As discussed on our last NxM Community Call we have identified and confirmed the addition of 3 new incoming DAO Council members. They are:


As discussed internally, we will close out our January funding proposal round (selection of projects and events to be funded for January) before officially submitting the addition of the new council to the DAO. This should happen before the end of the first week of January 2022.

Outgoing Council

It was also discussed internally that by the end of January 3 existing council will transition out of their roles as DAO Council members. They are:


This would leave @Grace (if she wishes to remain) as the only Council member to stay onboard once the transition is complete.

Roles & Tasks To Be Transitioned

Aside from voting on proposals to the DAO, here are the roles that will need to be filled by incoming council:

  • Telegram Moderation (incl Monthly Report)
  • Twitter Account Moderation (Incl Monthly Report)
  • Community Call Hosting & Video Uploading (Incl Monthly Report)
  • NxM Email Account Administration (For YouTube uploading)
  • Governance Forum Moderation (Commenting on relevant proposals)
  • Assisting community members
  • NxM DAO Monthly Report (DAO Governance)
  • Additional Updates, Guides or Proposals as needed

I may have missed a few things but the above should just about cover it.

On January 3rd 2022 we will announce all the funded projects for the month, after which we will onboard the incoming council into the Council Telegram group and begin the transition. I’ll leave this proposal by sharing a few iterations of NxM community structure I put together on this Miro Board.


You’ve been incredible! :heart:


Good morning. Sad :disappointed: to see …


Good afternoon :sun_with_face: am so unhappy but I pray :pray::pray: for more success


Thank you for your post, your work and your leadership during this year. To you all, @vandal , @zeitwarp and @chloe. Its undeniable - you’ve all been incredible.

Its hard to believe we’re coming up to a full year of explorations in this space. You’ve paved the way to a solid base for the Community to self propel forward into new ways of being, new events and leveraging the tech.

As the ecosystem matures we’ll face additional battles but work to tackle them head on. A natural curve for a grassroots org of any sorts, lest a brand new structure like a DAO. Massive respect, NxM.