[OPEN CALL] NxM Council Open Positions

I am super excited with this initiative, at thesame time interested to join the council @Monish016 well-done you are doing well.

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Hi @Nxm family,

My name is Oyeneye Akeem Adelanke, popularly known as Larkim, I’m a conscious Musician from Nigeria. Although, I only joined the web3 ecosystem last year, I have learnt and contributed massively to the space in a short while. A little summary of my journey:

October 2021, I helped “Claudia” grow the Afrikaburn art store extensively, I onboarded over 30 creative African Artiste from Nigeria.
I facilitated the minting of arts by some of the artist.
I introduced the Africamusic store to the Afrikaburn community.
I onboarded over 20 musicians in the span of 7 days.
I minted all music NFts from them.
I organized and coordinated the music store.


Since I joined Nxm family on December 26th, I must say Nxm family @vandal @Paul @Monish016 @chloe has been a blessing to me and my craft.

Currently I am involved in the following with consistent deliverables:

I host a monthly traditional African event on the cryptovoxel. (A Great show that intends to show Africa culture from our music, dance custome to the world on metaverse)
I’m hosting a university concert coming soon , for Nxm (BROKE BOY CONCERT), A very big concert that will promote Nxm and Near to the students on campus.
I am recording a Metaverse E.p for Nxm, which is about 80% complete.
I have onboarded numerous active members that have also contributed to the growth of Nxm some of which are (wizprince, Romanus and macjaycee they all have an e.p on Nxm store).

I believe my track record and productivity in this community and in the ecosystem at large has warranted my interest in this position. I have achieved so much with limited resources, and I believe it will only get better when I become a part of the council.

The job description aligns with my interests, goals and it would be an honour to serve this guild. If I’m selected as a council member of Nxm, here are some of the approaches I would take in addition to make this a success:

Proposal Review: I will bring in a fresh set of perspective towards the proposal because I have been at the other end of the spectrum (as an applicant). Due to the diversity in my background and experience this will provide a broader insight into the proposals.
Communication: A strong part of the role highlighted is the excellent written and oral skills which I possess. Furthermore, I am strategically located that I might be able to extend these communications to in-person and online (Hosting Calls).
I am prepared to assist my fellow council members with some duties like minting of NfTs on the store, attending to questions from members, and others as assigned.
Social media: I will work with my fellow council members to create good content (utilizing my artistic background) from events and projects on the NXm store, that can promote the store and promote also increase our numbers on social media.
Marketing: As a member of the NXm council, I will create a strong social media campaign with some social media influencers on Twitter and Instagram., emphasizing on Twitter, to advertise contents on the store.
Based on my current location, I will have the ability to supervise approved monthly project and all approved projects in Lagos, Nigeria, to make sure they are properly carried out.

As a member of Nxm, I understand the intricacy and importance of this role and I know Nxm needs a very honest, trustworthy and efficient person to carry out the duties as a council member, I believe I’m the best person for this role, I am 100% ready for work and I am passionate about the impact that I could potentially make in the ecosystem and in the lives of creatives.

Thank you for considering my application.


Akeem Oyeneye (Larkim)



It is with a grave sense of responsibility that I register my interest in being a member of the NxM council. When I landed on the strange universe called Web 3, it was Near’s NxM that gave me my first taste of a truly decentralised community, and rekindled my zest to immerse myself more deeply in music.

It would give me great joy to replicate what I’ve learned from the NxM council and other community members.

The following are some of my activities on NxM:

*Recording an EP titled (Love, Light And Peace - Ongoing)

*Participating in the Nearnauts Anthem

I am very active on Telegram and I have some experience with NFTs. It’ll be an awesome opportunity to help the community in this capacity.

Thank you and Cheers :clinking_glasses:

I’m @GabrielMuse01 on Telegram.

@thephilosopher @Monish016

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Hi ya’ll,

Id love to give this a shot. I’ve been working with NEAR for a year now, and started Minting Music. Currently, I am beginning to launch a new DAO and guild, that is focused on creatives in web3, music, lifestyle and culture (charm3d.io). Our goal is to be a resource to the ecosystem in connecting partners, collaborators and being a service to execute ideas, while doing the same to provide resources to growing web communities and clients.

I have alot of ideas I think I could bring to the table to help elevate NxM and the ecosystem as a whole.


I’m thrilled to announce that I and @Monish016 have successfully chosen new councils for a one month trial period to NxM.



Welcome To NxM Guys! :slight_smile:


Excited to rock with y’all and see what we can do!


Congratulations we look forward to working with you


I know we’re in good hands with @Paul and @bonepolice on the council for NxM. I’m sure your all great :slight_smile: