[Report] NxM DAO Monthly Report for January 2022

Monthly Report - January 2021

With the transition process smoothly underway, the start to 2022 has been pretty good thus far! So as we welcome a new council into the fold this will be my last report for NxM. To give some context please do read our funding request to see what went down and how funds have (and haven’t yet) been distributed.

NxM DAO Management

Social Media Team continued to do an awesome job promoting NxM initiatives across the various channels and engaging community. We will see a few changes to the management roles for February.

Click here for the DAO Management Report for January.


We have not issued bounties, but have funded the creation of some wallets and put funds into the NxM Mintbase store (storage fees)

NxM Resources

Along with the two proposal submission guides below, we updated the Miro Map with some ideas for how NxM will move forward.

Community Calls:

You can find the December Report for the Community Calls hosted by Vandal here

Events & Activities:

On behalf of outgoing council members Vandal Chloe Zeitwarp we thank you for your continued support of NxM!!!