[Open Call] NxM DAO Council Open Positions

As we move into a new era of The NxM it is also time to open the door and invite community members to participate in the governance aspects of the DAO and take a leadership role to help build the future of NxM.

With @JMaenen stepping down from he council we have room to bring on 2 NEW council members to join myself @vandal alongside @chloe @zeitwarp & @Grace as we kick off our move to Astro DAO.

It’s time to move NxM to a deeper state of decentralization!

You Can Qualify If…

  • You’ve contributed value to the NxM Community
  • You’ve participated in any NxM events or activities
  • You’re active on Telegram
  • Interested in taking on a leadership role

Please submit your interest in one of the 2 available council spots before November 17th 2021

We will be going through potential candidates on the 18th November at our last Community Call of the month to determine who will be selected.

New council members will be expected to:

  • Be helpful in the NxM Telegram channel
  • Commit to weekly calls
  • Comment on proposals on the governance forum
  • Vote on proposals on the DAO

There will be some compensation for the role based on our DAO Management monthly budget

So… If this sounds exciting and like something you’d be interested in please do drop a comment below and tell us why you’d make a good candidate for a role as a NxM DAO Council member. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Cool, I would like to try if you guys are ok with that.


Hey Hi, @vandal, I would Love to Take up this Role, Firstly I would say I Have Contributed NxM in the Form of Posters designs to Events Like At All and NxM Live 6, and I have Participated in all the NxM Events That Happened on CrytpoVoxels and followed all the Activity on Near not limited to NXM, and part of Activity on Telegram, I have Recently been Admin for NEAR MEME Daily Page and we had able to pull More than 100% in Follower increase from 70 to 156 Followers for the Month of October. and Finally, Regarding Taking up the Leadership Role, I have been with Near Protocol for a While now Adding Values and Building networks, I think understanding the value and Proposition of Nxm, Now its time for me to Take up this Role!


Hey @Paul if you could go into a little bit more detail and tell us why you would have a good candidate that would be amazing!


Thanks @Monish016 happy to see your reply!


Sure @vandal.

  • I am with the NxM since the beginning, when NxM hadn’t even been a DAO,
  • I’m part of the NxM Social Media Team, where I make sure that upcoming events are being shared on IG/FB,
  • I’m active member on telegram group and NEAR gov forum,
  • I’m a member of Onboarding DAO,
  • Recently I am working on the Beat DAO with @JohnX. Beat DAO will be focused on creation new opportunities for musicians and Mixtapes releases as a part of NxM and NEAR promo.

I have a vision of NxM as a new ecosystem for music and entertainment in our world, I believe that together with the community we are able to create brand new ideas and implement them.
Also, I do believe that after $NXM IDO, we’ll be able to be more independent as a community… It’s going to be next level of the NxM and I’m looking forward to doing that with you guys.

Hope, I’ve provided sufficient information.


I vouch for @Paul … he is so passionate and dedicated about Web3 that he pledges his time and most delicate his work to fulfilling web 3 obligations

He pledged his beat for me and @Symbolik to record on a track

@Paul is always online and ready to communicate as regards any ongoing project

I believe with these attributes he would make a viable council member


I second the notion. Paul is driven, passionate about the ecosystem and professional.


Your words mean a lot to me!
Thank you @JohnX @Symbolik :pray:t2::heart::globe_with_meridians:


I would recommend @Monish016 for the council member position. He has been a part of the Near ecosystem for a long time and contributes his best to whatever tasks he takes. I have also seen him going a step beyond to help members of the community.
Hence I vouch for Monish to be one of the council member.


Thank you @gurubaran that means a lot to me ! Thank you the for the support once again


I would say @Monish016 will be a perfect fit for this position. He is been around near ecosystem for long time. This position will certainly help him to grow bigger and would be a great opportunity for him to showcase his true potential. Good luck Monish. You are meant for this role.


Thanks for applying. We are a music guild. Are you a musician or do you have experience in the music industry?


Great opportunity !
At the time I was invited to be a council in other DAO. I am also creating a guild and a DAO (fraDAO). I was Audio/Video Editor/Branding Director at the multinational ONERPM - music distributor.
I would like to be able to exchange information with you and NxM DAO and strengthen the community by collaborating with my experience, as I have been a musician since the age of 5 and I live in a studio, producing art. My DAO works like a pendrive in a HUB collaborating with the network. I will avoid creating competitive DAO and Guilda, I don’t find this spirit interesting. I won’t have time to apply for council, but I would like to be able to exchange ideas and experience about music with NxM! Is it possible to collaborate and share something?


@JohnX It’s nice to hear your testimony, I think it’s so beautiful when I see someone talking well about the other person.
Congratulations !


Hey @steven ! I am aware what is NXM Guild, am definitely not a musician myself but am a hard core music listener, I am not sure it is anywhere stated only a musician can apply for the council member? I don’t see Chloe , joep are musician themselves already a council members right now ! I have given a detailed explanation on what I can provide to NxM and how can I add value ! @vandal pls let me know your thoughts!


It’s not required to be a musician but, in my opinion, it’s preferred. Joep is leaving the council and hasn’t been an especially active member. Chloe is a dev, but she also plays guitar. So she is a musician. Also, she comes to the community calls and has been an active voting member of the council.