NFT WG Election

The NFT WG is having its first election for the core contributors, and it will start during the first week of July and ends in the third week. Here are the election guidelines and criteria.


  • Relevant skills and background in the NFT space, such as development, marketing, community building, or legal expertise.
  • Demonstrated contributions to the NEAR NFT ecosystem, including previous projects, research, or collaborations.
  • Alignment with the DAO’s values, mission, and strategic objectives.
  • A track record of integrity, professionalism, and collaboration within the community.
  • Must have been in at least one of the NFT WG Meetings before July 1st.

Ineligible Candidates

  • History of rugging projects
  • Stole project funds.
  • Have a criminal record.
  • Banned in NEAR forums, NDC socials or any major NEAR platforms.

Nomination process
People that are interested in the election must take these few steps to show interest.

  • Introductory post on NEAR forum about yourself and why you are fit for the core contributor role and answer the below questions in your post.
    a. What does the NEAR NFT ecosystem mean to you?
    b. What will you do to revitalize the NEAR NFT scene in the short term and long term?
    c. How much time commitment can you do for the NFT WG.
    d. What is some conflict of interest if you get the role.
  • Sign up with IAH KYC
  • Send the link to your introductory post in the NFT WG Telegram.

Election Timeline

  • 2 weeks of nomination submission.
  • 1 week of elections using Easypoll
  • On the fourth week of the NFT WG meeting, introduction by the new core contributors to the NFT WG community

The NFT WG core contributor election to choose the best people that are committed to building the NFT scene back to its past glory so it will need a lot of time commitment from them. If you feel you do not fit the criteria, no worries as there will be more elections in the future so you can contribute what you can before those elections. For more information, please refer to this document.