NFT Work Group Transparency Report

GM near Community

The NFT WG received its very first funding in September through Creative DAO, the funding that we received has been used to build the foundation of NFT WG and how we should drive the NEAR NFT ecosystem in the long run.

Here are details of report on NFT WG activity since in the last couple of months:

  • Enhance charter that has been done by former Champion and team

Link to charter

  • We have been designing marketing campaigns with the “Humans of Near” app that we built in August. These campaigns will go live in the first week of November, and will enhance new wallet interactions and on-chain activity

Humans of Near is a gamified social directory of Near users. You can browse through the map and connect with people in your region/anywhere in the world using the social links in their profile.

Link to Human of NEAR

  • ASAC Team to take up the on chain raffle and integration on the BOS.

  • Combining efforts with Builders DAO: Merged meetings and evaluating Dapp building ideas

  • In talks with other teams to acquire and maintain relevant NFT DApps.

  • Prepared and updating a backlog of items to expand NFT infrastructure on Near with the help of Web3Plug (from Banyan)

  • Got the NFT WG Branding kit, logo, and other graphic designs completion

  • In discussion with 3 teams that plan to build their NFT DApps/Programmes on NEAR

  • Process of discussion with BEE Popula to launch a community activation program through their platform utilizing DRIP token

  • Process of discussion with Ludero to amplify nearcon

  • Banner contest in collaboration with Freelance DAO

Link to Banner contest

  • Launched community activation program through Arkana

  • Started designing Socializer App (Near Social Engagement Enhancement App). The app has potential to bolster on-chain activity and active wallets.

Link to Sputnik DAO

Thankyou for the amazing support NEAR Community.
We take every single step carefully to build the NFT ecosystem in NEAR


Great work NFT WG! :clap: