NFT WG Election Results

The NFT WG election ended on the 21st of July, 23.59 UTC. The election used Easypoll as a way to let gate the election and only let people that passed the IAH verification to vote. We had 5 nominations for the core contributor role but because one of them did not fit the “be in at least one of the NFT WG Meetings before July 1st” criteria, so his nomination was not accepted but I’m grateful for him taking his time out to draft his nomination.

Here are the 4 candidates for this election:

  1. Avicado
    [Self-Nomination] NFT WG

  2. Kirk
    Self Nomination : NFT Revival DAO (Krik)

  3. Punter
    [Self-Nomination] NFT WG Election

  4. Aescobar
    Self Nomination NFT WG core contributors

The winner of the first NFT WG election are
Krik, Aescobar and Punter.
The election result is in the Easypoll election page just click on “view results”.

The polls and announcement were posted in the NFT WG Telegram Group announcement topic. There will be more communication on the Telegram WG so if you are interested, please join the WG using the link above.

The newly 3 elected core contributor will work together with me as just a guide from the GWG side to bring back the NFT scene in NEAR. Hope everyone has a great day and #NEARISNOW.


Here is a link to the original open nomination post

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Congrats guys! Hope NFT WG can revive the NFT ecosystem back through the great initiatives