NFT Onboarding Art Commissions

:art: Upon completion of commissioned NFT Art, use this thread to post details about your completed piece(s) :art:

:paintbrush: Describe the piece you made, who it was delivered to, and any other relevant information. :paintbrush:


Working to get another story fleshed out like the CODAME 10th Anniversary Cards, with permission from Max Zsol to use another one of his flash fictions.

TBD if we will be able to distribute cards via bot (or have to mint them in a custom way).

There will be a minimum of 5 cards which we will distribute durring the hackathon (at key dates we want to encourage people to show up)


Finished TYCHO’s portrait/caricature.
It was fun to work on it while listening to his music :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I just completed a GIF and emailed it to Starpause. I made from an analog VHS video loop, glitched with analog hardware, captured to analog capture card and then post-processed. It’s 640x480, 52 frames, 9.59 MB. It’s too big for the forum but here’s a still frame for reference: X-0000


Applying 100N payout to Chinese artist LaoWei.

LaoWei has a stunning Art background who’s work has been collected in good hand before The NFT hype starts. He is a active member in Near Chinese Atists Group and has show commitment work with NEAR (when mintbase is available)

LaoWei is currently minting on Eth, his work usually sold in 1-2 ETH. When people are negtive about NEAR in our community, LaoWei will back me up and share his own story " I made Good ETH selling NFTs, but I trade them to NEAR, Cause I feel postive about NEAR"

LaoWei has customized an ART piece for NEAR with a beautiful story behind. It’s a Purposeful NFT, I was moved LaoWei’s multipal layer of art sence. This piece was Initially priced for 1 ETH, I explained to Laowei the mission of this hackathon is to make connection among creators, be more inclusive with artists. There is no intent to do commerical auction.

LaoWei generously offered this ART piece to NEAR.


Passed! Here’s the Sputnik proposal so it’s linked both ways :grin:

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Requesting 25N payout to Chinese artist LinDong21pro.near

NEAR commission Artist for NEAR hackathon NFT giveaway.

LinDong’s publication:


Requesting 25N payout to Chinese artist hhshhs.near

NEAR commission Artist for NEAR hackathon NFT giveaway.

HHS’s publication:


Near and Girls !!!

To celebrate the beauty of women and promote the Near ecosystem, I created a series of NFT works on Paras.

The two desires of every man want to be combined in one work.

Introduce yourself :

I’m TrendHeo, an artist and creator of TrendHeoArt Studio! I live in Hanoi Vietnam, where I and my colleagues are working together to make great works. I am working full time as an artist and love every minute!
I am attracted to watercolor for the versatility it allows to be able to select and draw anywhere. I love working with the flow of water. I find freedom and calm in painting.
:art: Thanks for checking out my shop! :art:
I love taking beautiful things I see and putting them into watercolor form. I am always painting new things, so please do not hesitate to message me if you want to see if a certain animal painting is available or soon will be.

Some works: TrendHeo on Etsy


Requesting 75N Payout to artist HHS for the awesome Job on NEAR x TAOBAO collaboration on Taobao Maker Festival 2021

Target: hhs.near
NFT marketplace:

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