Metaverse DAO buys NFTs on its Exhibition-Parties on Metaverse

Hey, NEAR friends, the Metaverse DAO just decided to build a NFT Collection from NEAR works that have been through metaverse exhibitions. We are buying 250 usd in near of NFTs, starting from the cheaper ones until the money dedicated to this project is over! :heart_eyes:

But to consider your work, you must comment here bellow your Mintbase/Paras work and come to our 1st party of the month. We will have 2 party-exhibitions this month: one for exhibiting the received NFTs with metaverse history and hang the new NFTs to metaverse; and another one to buy the exhibited NFTs. We will only buy from artists that are in the second and closing party, because we want to see the artists talking about their work (by writing or by voice).

Our intentions with this project is to build a collection of the first NFTs on near to go through metaverse exhibitions and to stimulate the community to enjoy virtual reality experiences. Metaverse is the next frontier, and we would like to make artists and collectors on near to experience this kind of reality.

The first exhibition-party will be at January 15th (submityour work and go there).

The second exhibition-party will be held at January 30th (go there and sell us your work).

Always 20h UTC.

We will host our parties here (click “visit”): NEAR Metaverse Connection Center - 11 Trapp Ave - Cryptovoxels

Please, feel free to get in touch by a comment here or at our telegram.


Yep, interested in taking part. Happy to discuss my work.

Got some shots of my Mintbase work in various metaverse galleries, but nothing under 250 USD atm… :smiley:…altho there are some new Paras mints at 4Nr

Will be there at the first Metaverse DAO Party anyway… :+1: :+1:


We will be very glad to listen about your work, Zeitwarp! <3
Let us allow paras works too.

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ok, great…look forward to it :+1: :+1:

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Good Morning, I would like to join this wonderful party! I usually work with voxel, and I already have some works:


Anything from the NEAR Mixtape Vol 1 is more than happy to bless the collection! Especially my track with @Paul :wink: Not sure if you have the budget to buy the actual Gallery NFT (22 N) but if you can… :fire: :fire: :fire:


Hello NxM fam, this is CHALLENGES #audionft from the Latest NxM Mixtape, with spanking HITS init! Glad to be part of the Mixtape fam. #NEARMIXTAPE


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Just dropping a highlight reel gif to give u an idea of my Paras stuff…


More info on the series here:

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Hi Rodrigo, I´m here. This my NFT.

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good night guys
this is the work i would like to submit for exhibition


NEAR to the MOON~~~

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Which one is your track, Vandal?
You may not have the budget for the gallery, but maybe a track?

The Tune, would you send me the audio file or the audio link?
I can only download cover image and cover image link, but not the mp3.
Thank you. :slight_smile:

Do I still have time?

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Hey, friends! Thank you for everybody who submitted works! We are very glad with your submissions. We had 18 near of works submitted. At current NEAR price (almost 20 usd), we would have to have almost 360 usd for buying all the works. Unfortunately, we have only 250 usd in NEAR, what is about 12,5 NEAR right now. Bellow, there are the works in the order we will buy, if the artist is present on our party at January 30th to talk about his/her work, and until our 250 usd is over. Feel free to change your prices if you want. If you dont want to change it, it is ok too. We would still love to hear about your work on metaverse. If anyone else wants to submit a work, please come to our party at January 15th, 8PM UTC, login (with metamask) to chat and submit the link there, in-party, on metaverse.

  • COD3 - Template Gate - 1 near
  • Marta - Collage 110 - 1 near
  • Becopro - CAC XVII - 2 near
  • Vandal - Fo’rest - 2 near
  • The Tune - Challenges - 2 near
  • Egglion - Jack The Punpkim -2 near
  • Zeitwarp - D Minor III - 4 near
  • Jusdao - Happy - 5 near

Come to see your work on metaverse. For music, we have to have the mp3 to put it on the gallery. For now, we’ve just put the image with the link for the NFT. Please, if you want us to put the mp3 too, send it to us on telegram.


Yes, you do. :slight_smile:
You can send us and I edit my message to add your work.

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I really want to be part of this exhibition with the genesis of my series one nft a day OneNFTaDay #1 Happy New Year - Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro - Mintbase

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Donate 50,000,000,000 $HAK (HAK can be swap to NEAR on REF as Metacoin)to Metaverse DAO.


Here is my art, check this out on Björk and The Rainbow Pasta - Mintbase

my store: eraquario.near Mintbase

my wallet: eraquario.near