[ APPROVED ] FUND Request: Collab Themed Commissioned Collection by The Clan

Hi everyone, it’s great to be here! : )

We created a project focused at promoting the artists to collaborate with others to create a piece. To join these creations and transform them to a collectible system, we will define a theme that changes at every month and it’s decided by a voting poll at the forum. The themes option will come from different places as from suggestions of the community, the clans propositions, contemporary subjects and near topics.
And with a 1:1 format ratio, so they will be uniform, besides the aesthetics.

To work this on, we will create a mintbase store for it, and we will mint one NFT a week selected by a series of criteria and popular vote.

The NFTs will need to attend a standard of organisation, quality of the file, to be related to the theme and made by 2 different artists. We would encourage multimedia productions but that’s not a requirement . No other subject will be judged.

How it will work?
The first thing will be to set a theme.
When i’ts decided, we will open for applications.
Then we will select the ones that fits the requirement.
Then we will openly vote for it.
So The Clan will “buy” the NFT from the artists as a commissioned job. Pay at the front. Then we will mint at the store, and list it.
The revenue and royalties will be splitted with the artists and the fund, and one charity entity choosed monthly by the community.

The Clan will compromise to sell the arts and advertise the artists on our social medias.

We ask for a payout of 300 USD to the curator of the project, that will.be responsible for the management of it.

We set a payout of 100 USD per artist.
So 2 artists, 200 USD per 1 NFT a week. 4 per month. 800 USD for the commissions.

And the cost to open the store of ~80 USD

Our agenda will work with a month production, to select the arts, the theme, etc, and them put it at sale at the next month. And repeat.


Boa! Faltou as datas. Vou colocar pra vc.

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