[Proposal] CODAME <> NEAR wallet creation for artists

Over the past 6 months CODAME has onboarded 50 artists to NEAR, averaging just under 10 artists a month. This proposal is to cover the costs of sending NEAR to new accounts and the administrative effort of onboarding.

We are requesting 5N (~10USD) for each account (total 250N). These are verified, real people from our community of over 20,000 ART+TECH lovers.

Is there a tool that allows us to see which of the NEAR names we have invited have converted to Monthly Active Users? We believe the percentage is high because we see them minting NFTs but don’t have a metric.

Our process:

  • Invite artists via https://nearnames.com/
  • Send artist 1NEAR
  • Send artist 3 cards on paras.id and link them to their profile there so they can see their collection.
  • Add the artist to our Mintbase Playshop (more recently)

Onboarded members:


  • conceptcindy.near

  • crisagassini.near

  • huilichen25.near

  • tiareribeaux.near

  • salafurka.near

  • snowyunxuefu.near

  • jody_twiilight.near

  • anabelacosta.near

  • chainado.near

  • juanna.near


  • khonnor.near

  • dievardump.near

  • misterinterrupt.near

  • avenue_nh.near

  • ironandsilk.near

  • world_of_kou.near

  • thesource.near

  • kamisama.near

  • counterfeit.near

  • etoyo.near


  • bruno.near

  • soltan.near

  • danisapi.near

  • quinn_tessentialy.near

  • iotha.near

  • mexist.near

  • omarrr.near

  • mangup.near

  • lilpdf.near

  • freedrull.near


  • kiron.near

  • gil.near

  • neondeathcat.near

  • odbol.near

  • magicfinger.near

  • angorny.near

  • kyraocean.near

  • sassi.near

  • craiggould.near

  • juliomromero.near


  • cryptotwilight.near

  • vulpes_automata.near

  • ghostnft.near

  • drippocrypto.near

  • spaceoddity.near

  • d0n.near

  • illestpreacha.near

  • PavaOne.near

  • jsnow.near

  • maced.near


For some more background, Quinn is a long time member of CODAME & recently joined our v2 sputnik dao. Big honor to have their help in foraging the future of CODAME ART+TECH as a distributed collective!


Really great to see so much activity. Would this not me more appropriate for the NFT Onboarding - NEAR Forum as it becomes NFT social club? Getting artists on board with NEAR and NFT drops seems to fit exactly in line with the existing community.


Hi @quinn_tessentialy, welcome to the NEAR Community! Thanks for the update. I’m in agreement with my fellow Creatives DAO council member @chloe that this proposal would be better suited to NFT Onboarding and am looking to @starpause to advise. Generally when proposals are centered around onboarding artists as the core aim that’s where we would direct them.

With regards to the tool to track NEAR names and who has been converted to Monthly Active Users I wonder if the new NEAR Nft Club - once they’ve settled a little - would be looking into tracking that kind of metric. Otherwise it seems like you would need to go manually through the NEAR Explorer and read through the activity of each NEAR account to see where and how much a month they’re minting, which sounds like it would take ages.


Good call, thanks for the direction @chloe and @mecsbecs !

It would be awesome if they could spearhead such a tool! It would be useful to many guilds.


Hi @mecsbecs! Thank you, I will move it there!