NFT Builder Group

Howdy everybody, Shot & Cameron here from the Banyan Collective. We are happy to announce the formation of the NFT Builder Group. We have already been conducting weekly online meetups with the leading NFT builders & marketplaces in the space. If you are builder interested in this join the telegram group today (DM me with your telegram to get added)


Banyan believes NFTs are pivotal infrastructure for onboarding the next set of dApps and use cases into the NEAR Ecosystem.

NFT Builder Group - a collective of NFT builders in the NEAR ecosystem that are interested in working together to build open-source tools intended to be adopted by the greater NFT community.


  • Lack of community building and input from new users
  • Lack of accountability, transparency for project and intercommunication between NEAR builders and founders
  • Hard to quantify and track NFT activity across the entire NEAR Ecosystem
  • Lack of push for standards to streamline NFT infrastructure and NFT tooling
  • Investors are lacking solid deal flow to projects in the space
  • NEAR NFTs are lacking volume, marketing, secondary sales, use cases and overall traction
  • There is a lack of implementation/use cases for NFTs outside of PFPs


  • Build Open Zepplin of NFT contracts & tools
  • Push NFT based specifications to be standardized by Developer Governance Working groups
  • Solve problem of liquidity in NEAR NFT Ecosystem
  • Onboard artists, users, and use cases into NEAR NFT ecosystem

NFT Specifications Currently Being Discussed and Worked ON

FnF Royalty Marketplace The FnF NFT Standard provides options for creators to customize sales contracts and enforce royalties. Lachlan Glen Announce, waiting on specifications
Rich Media The purpose of this NEP is to standardize metadata so that NFT marketplace, wallets, and dApps can properly support the displaying of rich media multimedia files indexed from NFT metadata Lachlan Glen Taken over by Jazz Winder from Harmonic Guild, group forming based on list Lachlan collected
Contract Metadata Update Events To extend the NEP-171 events standard to include contract_metadata_update event. Lachlan Glenn Drafted to Github PR
Airdrop Standardized contract for allowing batch transfers of a list of non-fungible tokens an account owns to optimally distribute multiple unique specified addresses. Jonathan Hammond / Willem Aggregating Different Implementations
xNFT Executable NFTs Peter from Backpack Talking with Backpack team
NFT Update Events Trigger event updates on change of contract metadata Lachlan Replaced with contract metadata
Bridgeable NFTs To allow for a streamlined universal NFT standard to properly bridge NFTs Find someone at wormhole/rainbow/0x Ideating and telegram group started
Non Fungible Token Burn Standard NEP 819 is a standard for burning NFTs. It acts as an extension to NEP 171 and requires NEP 177 & 297.Currently, there is no standard for minting and burning (NEP 171) Chloe @ MarmaJ Presented at nearcon, in governance forum, need to be repinged
Non Transferable NFT Rejected here Contract Standards Working Group Meeting (August 22, 2022) - YouTube fo Shot → TBD Rejected due to implementation, gather different implementation


We will also form subgroups that will essentially serve as meeting breakout rooms where we will further drive conversations and hash out specifications. (Subgroups are subject to change based on overall sentiment of working groups).

Subgroup Purpose Stakeholders
Liquidity Bring sustained liquidity to the NEAR NFT ecosystem Market Makers, Venture Capital
Tooling Bringing open source & secure NFT tooling to the ecosystem Rust Developers, Back End Developers
User Onboarding A focus on bringing users onto NEAR NFT ecosystem and simplifying UI/UX Product, UI/UX Designers, Front ENd Developers
Artist / Use Case Onboarding Focused on bringing average artist, high profile artist, and new and relevant use cases to NFT ecosystem Business Development, Sales, UI/UX Designers, Product Designers

Great stuff! Btw the technical specs for the FnF NFT Specification are available here: Few and Far NFT Specification


@ori-near if we could push this on the developer governance page as we’ve been functioning as a community group for months

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Hi @nearbuild! Absolutely. I believe we already added the NFT Builder Group to the Developer Governance website? Could you please clarify what you meant? Feel free to reach out to me on Telegram as well. Thanks!


this is great! We would like to engage on DAO development.

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