📀 Data Infrastructure Group

Howdy everybody, Shot & Cameron here from Banyan Collective!

As Developer Governance ramps up, we found it necessary to have a Data Infrastructure working group.

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Notes can be found here NEAR Hacks :date: Calendar can be found here (TBD) at ?? EST) LINK NOT ACTIVE https://nearhacks.com/data-calendar
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  • Way data is interpreted & indexed is important for the end user for clean onboarding on the application level
  • AS we push standards a robust data indexing framework must be present so end users can easily navigate these new specifications. For ex; nUSDC not showing on block explorer.
  • Provides an opportunity for web2 back end developers to thrive and provide value in the NEAR ecosystem.
  • Engage the community more to Interface with Pagoda developer tooling
  • Onboard additional data infrastructure partners across the world
  • Push decentralization of indexing and RPCs (similar to Infura’s current initiative), Oracles, and Indexers
  • Bring all the builders creating NEAR data heavy and analytical tools together
  • Building open source tooling for data infrastructure

Topics to Address

  • RPCs, Oracles, Indexers
  • Robust Data Dashboards, Notification Systems

Stakeholders We Would LIke to Get Involved

  • Pagoda: Indexer, Lakes, Dev Console
  • Block Explorers: Invoker Labs, Octopus Network
  • RPCS: Infura, Pocket
  • Marketplaces Building Indexers: Mintbase, Few&Far
  • Notification Systems: Notifi
  • Dashboards: Leap, Odyssey
  • Validators: Metapool, Foundry

Comment below if you would like to get involved and DM your telegram me so you can be added to the group chat.


What is the difference and intersection with NEAR Indexer Builder Group for which we already have a Telegram channel?

Nothing is technically a builder/community group until it hits the governance forum. This post is intended to give exposure to the Indexer chat as well. Why the change in naming is to include Oracles, to be more conducive to robust data analytics, and off-chain data. But if not sufficient reason for a re-naming, would love to transition Indexer chat to official Indexer builder group.

I like the idea of combining the workgroup and telegram chat we have to engage with indexer ad data infra builders and collect data needs from the community.

For the kick off meeting, here is a proposed agenda.

  • Share updates and works done by the Data Platform team
  • Identify the areas of challenges in access and using data on NEAR
  • Discuss priority and urgency of the challenges identified
  • Brainstorm on possible solutions. potentially NEP proposals
  • Assign tasks and determine the cadence of regroup
  • Brainstorm agenda items for next meeting

I would love feedbacks on this agenda and let’s make data access on NEAR easy and smooth!