[Anniversary] NEAR NFT Club

Hello everyone,

It has been a year since NEAR NFT Club got started working in the NEAR Ecosystem. I am writing this post to express my gratitude to everyone who has taken part in our building journey. Starting with Margik and MLPArt the first two members of our Team.

Starting from scratch in June 2021, NEAR Foundation guided us to obtaining our official label in July 2021. As we celebrate our first anniversary today, I wish to thank all the builders who have helped and witnessed our journey so far.

How we started

Here is our first introductory post: NEAR Nft Club Guild Introduction
when Rebecca introduced us to connect with First NFT Marketplace builder of NEAR

This is how our journey began. Over the years, we have forged many collaborations in the space. There is nothing better than the NEAR Community because everyone here is very helpful and responsive. I would like to share the names of some of the builders with whom we connected. :slight_smile:

  • Nativo NFT Marketplace: @cloudmex-alan
  • Naksh NFT Marketplace: Nidhi , Srilakshmi
  • UniqArt NFT Marketplace: Semwal
  • TenK @starpause
  • Marketing Team Joep Menon
  • ITSMYNE Marketplace Atharva
  • Legal Guild Santiago
  • NEAR Growth Guild Dgetsylver and Jacob Mayer
  • Great Community Builders
    – Creative DAO : @FritzWorm , Monish, Pawel
    – NxM : @vandal l
    – C1 Guild : @JCB
    – MarmajFoundation : Chloe
    – Muti : Tabear [ Worked for the Metaverse presence of NEAR CON -2021 on Decentraland ] with the help of @Samtoshi_F_Baby
    – Clan : duOCELOT and @whoiscavenaghi
    – HYPE : EV3RETH and @kodandi
    – and our Degen Team Members

As a result, we were able to connect with many more new builders this year. It isn’t possible to tag everyone because the maximum limit is 10.

  • Marketplaces : Endemic, The Auction, Apollo42, Paras Comics, Nifty Comedians, Tamago, Few and Far.
  • NFT Collections : Mr. Brown, Circa, Shinto Society, Monke Godz, Wacky Dudes, Near Nymphs, VHS foxes, Dino Skull Club, NEAR Holystic, Beerpunks, Panda Millionaires, NEAR Kits, Zombo Duck, Metamon, Ugly Apes Society, Vision Art NFT, Syko NEAR BEAR, Vexed Apes Club, Genji NFT , TORA Project, The Arrogant Youth Circle ,Billionaire Bulls Club, Chads on NEAR , Dino Social Club, Engineart , Curious Ape Club ,Skele Toad Society , Funky Frogs, NEAR Future, Bright Bunny NEAR, Chads on NEAR , Rich Bird Ace Gang, NEAR Trees, Lucarove and many more.

To conclude this post, I would also like to mention that we are also building the Aurora NFT Club. We’re looking forward to having you join and help us build the Aurora community.

Links to connect with us,
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @auroranftclub
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuroraNftClub



Congrats Naveen and NFT CLub team!

You has been a high supporter for Nativo NFT and the hispanic community.

Keep forward!


Happy Anniversary partner :tada:


I’m looking forward to connecting with you to discuss about a partnership/collaboration between NEAR NFT Club and #NFTCoNEARseurs :dancing_women:



Cheers to the awesome year and partnerships NFT Club had! :heart:

It’s been struggle since quite few months to continue the process but still NNC stood strong and never stopped totally in community’s interest :v:


Congrats @naveen_in and NEAR NFT Club team! Thanks for all you do and for your support of the ecosystem :slight_smile: It’s been a true pleasure to collaborate with you


Thanks for the Mintbase support and allowing NNC to collab :blush:


Congrats on the year!

Been awesome connecting with you. Wishing you more years of NFT web3 goodness.


We started with a few but now we are many, not only in numbers but also in talents and creativity. Congratulations @NearNft for all our efforts and accomplishments!


Happy Anniversary @NearNft :sparkles::dizzy:


It is not just a @NearNft anniversary! It is a family anniversary that has defied all odds to grow strong and achieve great things together. :rocket:

:v: Happy anniversary :tada:


Congratulations :bouquet: keep the good work moving positive


Happy anniversary, NNC! May you have properous years ahead! :two_hearts:

Happy Anniversary GIF by Friends


Great Congratulations to the TEAM!
Really glad for the GROWTH accumulated over time!

:partying_face::tada::confetti_ball: :beers:


Congrats on a year and the new Aurora channel!


Congrats to the team! I love seeing success stories and how the project has evolved @naveen_in. Can’t wait to see what’s in store next.


A successful year in Web3 is a big deal. Congrats to all involved with bringing this to life.


Actually im just a local member before in Nearnfrlub but from the moment sir @naveen_in give me a chance to be part of the team NEAR NFT Club, and see value my talent. I understand how he really is dedicated to his team. Not to mention i witness people coming from our community, although we face difficulties from recent month bear market.

We still not give up and now the community still standing and trying to stay together. I always greatfull and gratitude because this the best team i ever seen in different community. :raised_hands: Happy Anniversary team Near NFT Club. :partying_face::raised_hands:


Happy anniversary @naveen_in! Keep on going with the great work and looking forward to Aurora NFT Club. :tada::rocket:🫶


Happy anniversary to all NEAR NFT Club team :partying_face:
Can’t believe it’s been a year we’ve collaborated together in livening things up the NEAR NFT community. Thanks for your hard work. Looking forward to your upcoming plans!


Magandang Buhay :hugs::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkles: Congratulations @naveen_in and Happy anniversary Near Nft Club :hugs::sparkles: