šŸ“ˆ Defi Builder Group

Howdy everybody, Shot & Cameron here from Banyan Collective!

We are excited to ramp up NEAR Developer Governance, shoutout to the amazing work @nearmax and @ori-near are doing to stand this up. While we already have community groups for the Protocol, Wallets, NFTs, DAOs, ZK, Python Tooling, we think its necessary to also stand one up for DeFI (Decentralized Finance).

:notebook_with_decorative_cover:ļ»æ Notes can be found here NEAR Hacks :date:ļ»æ Calendar can be found here (Thursdays at 11AM EST) https://nearhacks.com/defi-calendar
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  • With the contagion of centralized exchanges, the world is looking at DeFI as the non custodial alternative
  • Many DeFi builders/founders are currently not involved in the development of NEPs and open source tooling through other groups
  • DeFi is a fundamental building block to Web3 and must be made open source with standards and security measures in place
  • NEP Standards like the fungible token have profound effects across DeFi on NEAR
  • There is already a DeFI founders chat we can easily transition to a builder group
  • NEAR Foundation has distanced itself from DeFi due to regulatory concerns, so organizations like Banyan and Proximity have a bigger responsibility to support the ecosystem in this fashion
  • There has been silos within the space like Skyward.finance that have resulted in exploits that must be addressed to preserve the overall reputation of NEAR Ecosystem
  • Other blockchains like Solana & Aptos are positioning themselves as DeFI blockchains which have overall funding ramifications for projects across the ecosystem.

Topics to Address

  • Liquidity, Order Books, Composability, Stablecoins, Insurance


  • Building open source tooling and standards for DeFi
  • Support DeFI project scale and hold them accountable for security & compliance practices

Stakeholders We Would LIke to Get Involved

  • Funds: Proximity, Metaweb, OWC
  • Orderbooks: Spin, Tonic, Orderly
  • DEX: Ref.finance, Jumbo
  • Staking: Metapool
  • Lending: Burrow, Omomo
  • Yield: Pembroock, Jump DeFI, Cheddar, Acumen
  • Aggregators: Surge, Abritoor
  • Oracles: Flux, Switchboard
  • Data: Ref Analytics, Coinhall, Datrics, Odyssey, Pulsar
  • Aggregators:
  • Privacy: Hurricane
  • Tools: Keypom, Near.social

Comment below with your ideas, topics we should address, stakeholders we left out.


Iā€™m in. From Pembrock side, as well as willing to make some tweaks to Ref and Near


Make sure to register for the recurring calls at NEAR Hacks - first call tomorrow at 11AM EST

Missed the call and interested in joining the group!

Ready to collaborate and work on building the DeFi ecosystem.

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Excellent initiative!

Looking forward to the next community call!

There are three more categories of Stakeholders I would include:

  • Bridges - Rainbow Bridge (Aurora), Multichain , AllBridge, Synapse, et al.
  • On-Ramp and Off Ramps - Transak, Banxa, Moonpay, et.
  • Wallets - Here Wallet, Meteor, Nightly, etc.

While bridges and on/off-ramps may be more corporate, they are core to composability.

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Video Recording of the First Builder Call NEAR DeFI Builders Call: 12/1/2022 - YouTube


Is there a Telegram group of some kind? Where all conversations are happening outside the prescheduled meetings?

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BUILDER GROUP / COMMUNITY GROUP LINKS. most everything is aggregated here

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