NEAR Wallet Builder Group (WBG)

Hey everyone,

Cameron Dennis and Shot. K from the Banyan Collective here :wave:

We would like to formally launch the NEAR Wallet Community Group - a private community of NEAR wallet founders, builders and core-contributors that are dedicated to ensuring security and innovation of the NEAR wallet ecosystem. The group will meet once a month and it will be broken up into three “sub-groups” that will be incentivized to uphold a high standard for wallet security, collaborate on open-source libraries, spec out hackathon bounties, and contribute to wallet-related standards.

The subgroups will meet every other week and will focus on:

  1. Onboarding & Payments: As the name suggests, this group focuses on streamlining the experience for new users to get onboarded to the NEAR ecosystem, fund their accounts, and pay for goods and services with their NEAR wallets. You’re encouraged to join the group if you’re building sybil resistant verification protocols, onramps, off-ramps, progressive onboarding, remote accounts, meta transactions, payment streaming protocols, or creative ways create and fund wallets. Join the shared Telegram chat here: Telegram: Join Group Chat

  2. Custody & Recovery: This group ensures that NEAR user’s funds are safe in the scenario they lose their keys or pass away. You’re encouraged to join this group if you’re building multi-sig wallets, social recovery protocols, institutional-grade retail custody solutions, or anything having to to with key recovery. Join the shared Telegram chat here: Telegram: Join Group Chat

  3. Mobile & Integrations: This group collaborates on open source NEAR mobile SDKs to ensure NEAR developers have a seamless experience making their apps mobile friendly. It will also be the place where we unpack new ways to bring Web 3 to Web 2 so users don’t have to leave their beloved social platforms to initiative on-chain transactions (ie: voting on a DAO via Twitter pole). You’re encouraged to join this group if you’re building mobile wallets, have experience building APIs, launching crypto apps in the App Store, or are builder looking to make your web-based dapp mobile friendly. Join the shared Telegram chat here: Telegram: Join Group Chat

What do you get for joining this group?

First, you get the opportunity to connect with brilliant individuals that share similar interests as you (that’s pretty awesome). Second, you get access to the support channels the Banyan Collective offers to assist projects with their path towards mass adoption (potential referral to security auditors, international incorporation support, tier 1 investors, recruitment, co-promotion, etc). Third, you get priority access to spec out bounties that have the potential of being funded and syndicated across Banyan-affiliated hackathons. The catch is that if your bounty gets chosen to be funded, you have to make yourself available on the judging day of the hackathon to review the submitted bounties.

What Has Been Done Up to Now?

Although our first introductory call was on August 24th and we had an amazing IRL meeting at NEARCON, we haven’t formally kicked off the group until now. I suggest watching the previous call recording if you’re interested in learning more about the group - Dropbox - Meeting Recording 082422.mp4 - Simplify your life

Slides from the call: NEAR Wallet Vision Group Meeting #1 - Google Slides

Motivation for Launching the Group

I spent the last five life running hundreds of blockchain education workshops, onboarding hundreds of projects to NEAR, and thousands of people to web 3 only to realize that the killer app is a seamless way to optionally off board your money, data, and power of governance from web 2 assets to web 3. I’m confident that the seamless off-boarding from Web 2 to Web 3 (like Sweatcoin) is the only thing that will bring billions of users to the space since users (generally) don’t enjoy having to create and maintain accounts. This group is dedicated to solving the key management and UX issues that plague the industry and I’m thrilled to be building with all of you!

Next Steps from 9/19/22


It’s a pleasure to be included in this group amongst many other amazing projects. Looking forward to creating solid infrastructure across the NEAR ecosystem and bringing the next generation multi-sig wallet to NEAR :eyes:


Hi,NEAR team! I hope this finds you well, this is Nabox multichain wallet( I am here for a potential collab with your team.

Nabox now has plans to integrate NEAR Chain, lists NEAR Chain DApps and assets in Nabox App and extended wallet.Do you know if there is someone we can reach out to?

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this same message has been put across all the chats, assuming its spam

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all relevant builder links are available a