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I am writing a book called the Metaweb: The Next Level of the Internet. It is about a new layer on top of the web that creates decentralized public space above the web page, which will drastically reduce the problems with false information, abusers, and scammers, as well as enable an unprecedented level of connection and coordination that is necessary to deal with our existential threats.

This will be a physical book. It will also be the first “metabook” with virtual presences in the Metaverse and augmented reality. This will be demonstrated and then implemented over time, independently of the physical book.

My publisher is the renowned Taylor & Francis. I must deliver the book by May 31st, 2022. The book will be published on or about Dec. 1, 2022. I am anticipating the book to be about 250 pages. I have an editor and she will be joining the NEAR ecosystem.

HUGE UPDATE: My publisher Taylor & Francis has agreed to do their first book NFT with me on the NEAR ecosystem. My intention is to help them do this one and also to set them up to do any of their other thousands of books as NFTs on NEAR. They are looking at the contract I put together now. We also agreed that the book will be authored by my new AstroDAO, Bridgit DAO. They feel this will be a selling point. We are going to set it up so that staking the book NFT and other NFTs that we create for the book will earn a royalty allocation. At least 50% of the royalties from the book and the NFTs will go to stakers.

I would also like to feature the NEAR ecosystem in the book as an example of a community of practice developing around POS layer one blockchain and visions of an open web. I reached out to @David_NEAR to get a contact in the NEAR Foundation about this but they are not able to get involved and he suggested that I get in touch with the Marketing DAO. I put in a proposal asking for someone to do a short piece for the book about the NEAR ecosystem, but it didn’t go anywhere despite that I was not even asking for money.

So I am putting a Bounty to write this piece in this proposal.

At this time, I would like to get some support for an editor as this needs to be mostly completed by the end of May. I would also like to get some support for illustrations.

BUDGET $5000
$3000 to the editor
$500 for my work with the editor, the illustrator and the case study (~17 hrs at $30)
$500 bounty for someone from NEAR ecosystem to write 500 word piece about the NEAR ecosystem to be a featured case study in the book
$1000 20 line drawing illustrations for the book

AshleyC Could this project be part of the guild? I would love the guild’s help in building this.