New Member Proposal


I am darkbluechain, I’d like to join the genesis SputnikDAO. (darkbluechain.near)

I hope this is the correct way of doing it :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I think you mistakenly submitted your proposal to the vraccesstoken DAO, we are not genesis SputnikDAO.



I actually submitted into both cause I like your idea as well. I didn’t want to create two separate topics but I can if it is necessary.


Oh cool thanks for the interest. We actually had to form the DAO in order to get payouts as a team for the hackathon, maybe after the hackathon we can do something will the DAO but at the moment we already have the roles filled. There was another VR proposal asking for collaborators, maybe you could contribute to their project? Check it out: [Ideation] VR Online Artistic Residence

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