[announcement] VR DAO Council changes

Hey guys! It has been a pleasure to be part of this DAO, so many transitions and developments!
We were able to support some great projects and support the development of 3XR, which is an awesome platform that will reach another level in the next weeks.
I knew my presence in this Council would be temporary, and the time has come. I would like to focus my efforts in Incubadora DAO and with helping more art collectives like Demonstra to learn about the ecosystem.
Today I am going to propose to leave the council of this DAO. I’ll be around helping whenever I can and collaborating with the Mintbase Store.

Thank you all for this adventure! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@frnvpr @microchipgnu @sainthiago @nico @Samiasns @nearestchico


thank you so much for everything @JulianaM and best of luck for your other projects! see you around :smiley:


Hello all,

here reporting that also @frnvpr and @Samiasns are now out of the VR-DAO council, to focus on other community projects.

We have absolute faith in the current Council and believe it will grow even more in the next months than has grown in the past few.

Thank you all.