NEARWEEK Guild November 2021 Report

Hello errrrrryyyyyone!

A belated November update (sorry about that), but a good one :wink: Here are some key stats:


The past 3 months NW earned more than 1m impressions!

  • Published NEARWEEK #30, #31, #32, and #33

  • Monthly unique visitors +1900.

  • Increased newsletter subscribers to +2300. Currently an average open rate of +25%.

  • Received more than 350 news submissions (payout proposals) from Nov. 1 - 30, of which +130 made it to the newsletter.

  • Current Telegram count is 864 members.

  • Hosted NEARWEEKEND episodes 3, 4 and 5.

  • Started building new website and newsletter design which we hope to have ready end of year. Once ready NW will start to actively market both web and newsletter.

  • Had development and feedback talks with @chronear @Ozymandius @Aria @Gus @Grace @erik.near @Matt_Hussey and AwesomeNEAR.

  • Started development talks on content bounty platform with Better

  • Held #exploretheNEARverse campaign 5, 6 and 7 actively helping to promote Metamon, SOTA Gallery and NEARnauts. Together they earned +130k impressions, +700 likes and +2000 followers for our partners.

  • Started a new publication series which we’re looking very much forward to: NEARWEEK PERSPECTIVES.

That’s it for now! Please let us know if you have any feedback or want to get involved :cowboy_hat_face:

See you in the NEARverse!


Love to see those green numbers! You guys are doing an excellent job!

Keep up the good work!

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More power to you @JPALHUMAIDAN keep up the good work! Happy to be a NEARWEEK partner :pray:t3:



Great work!

I recently subscribed to the newsletter. It is packed with crucial information and links, and I found them very helpful.

I’d love to get involved. I have great writing skills and I hope they can be of use.


HEY ! Awesome work my friend ! keep going ! :rocket:

Let me know how can we help from the hispanic community =)
besides translations of course heheheheh