NEARWEEK Guild September 2021 Report

NEARWEEK is developing in a rapid pace these weeks, and September was great! Here are some key stats:


  • Tweets: 149 (+20%)
  • Profile visits: 36K (+220%)
  • New followers: 1,935 (+110%)
  • Tweet impressions: 292K (+132%)
  • Mentions: 1,5K (+70%)

  • Executed the three first #ExploreTheNEARverse campaign in collaboration with AwesomeNEAR. The campaigns included collabs w. Paras, @Samtoshi_F_Baby, SWAGGER DAO and NEAR SWAG. The campaign actively promoted the NEAR Ecosystem and drove significant traffic to both AwesomeNEAR and Paras.

  • Published NEARWEEK Editions 21, 22, 23 and 24 which featured +150 crowdsourced news:

  • Increased monthly unique visitors to 1700.

  • Received more than 300 news submissions (payout proposals) from Sep. 1 - 30

  • Paid out +160 $NEAR via Sputnik.DAO.v2.

  • Began developing the new NEARWEEK layout for both Web and Newsletter to increase readability with @Primaveralina .

  • Started having NEARWEEK in Chinese thx to iotachan. Next up is Spanish.

  • Held development and feedback meetings with several NEAR officials: @juliebissinger , @David_NEAR @jlwaugh @mecsbecs @Matt_Hussey , @JMaenen and more (can only have 10 mentions in 1 post…)

  • Slowly starting to plan the launch of a NEARWEEK dApp.

  • Held meetings with several ecosystem projects incl. Mintbase (cc. @MoniBlockdiver ), AwesomeNEAR, SWAGGER DAO, NIA @chronear,

  • Introduced gov post “NEARWEEK State of the Art” a NEARWEEK x NIA collab”. State of the ART (SOTA) will be an active collaboration with SwaggerDAO, Mintbase, Paras and the NEAR Games Guild. SOTA will go live on Friday 15th and is a curated NFT and Gaming publication with its own 3d gallery curated and run by SwaggerDAO and the SOTA DAO (tba).


*Hired creative director, Discord community manager and NEARWEEKEND host + community content responsible

  • Planning NEARWEEK News guild presence at NEARcon. We will be conducting a series of interviews with key personalities from both the ecosystem and NEAR core which will be part of the official NEARcon 2021 video.

We’re already looking forward to sharing October month progress. So far we have launched NEARWEEK Discord, increased Twitter following + engagement a lot and will host a party during NEARCON in collaboration with SwaggerDAO, Ref Finance, Octopus Network and Human Guild!

Let us know if you have any feedback, comments etc. It is much appreciated!

See you in the NEARverse and at NEARcon :wink:

Oct. Community Squad DAO payout proposal
DEVELOPMENT (MEATABUIDL Challenge + development of dashboards) USD4000
Discord manager USD3000
NEARWEEKEND host + Discord Assistan USD3000
Marketing and Partnerships manager USD2200
Giveaway USD700
Graphics NEAR MATES USD350
Chinese translation USD700
Spanish Translation USD700
Art Direction: NFT production, brand and identity design USD2000
$NEAR (USD7) 2628

Powerful stuff @JPALHUMAIDAN :mechanical_arm: Once we launch State of the Art, let’s plan on bridging the SOTA gallery with the (TBA) metaworld and have a functioning NEWS studio on the NEAR Blockchain :smirk: