NEARCon - NEAR Hub Scavenger Hunt Sign up

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Good Morning/Evening to all my fellow Nearians,

With NEARCON coming up, the NEAR Hub team is partnering with the NEAR ecosystem to create a truly immersive experience through the NEAR Hub Metaverse by creating a scavenger hunt on the NEAR Hub platform.

The idea is to make the NEARCON content from your project available to people from all over the world in addition to the individuals taking part in NEARCON in real life. The media you choose will be uploaded in a frame within the NEARverse Metaspace to demonstrate your presence in the NEAR ecosystem and to allow for you to advertise directly to visitors virtually.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in an interactive scavenger hunt within the NEAR Hub Metaspace. NEAR Hub is Partnering with NEAR Crossword ( to create an immersive learning experience focused on NEAR ecosystem projects.

To achieve this we are creating an interactive experience with clues to the crossword puzzles hidden in videos, infographics, pdfs, etc.

Participants will explore the map learning about different projects to solve the crossword puzzle and win NEAR and/or NFT rewards.

Project Participation requires the following:

  • Project information,
  • logos,
  • links,
  • Media, and
  • Up to Twenty (20) questions with one word answers about the project.

Questions and Answers from all participating projects will be entered to a master Q& A list.To help protect from bots, the Crossword puzzle will be randomly generated once solved with a unique combination of Questions and Answers for each new quiz.

To have your project included in the NEARHUB NEARCon Metaspace please fill out the form below by September 1st.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to tag @samtoshi_f_baby or @jefedeoro here or reach out to us in the NEAR Hub Telegram Group