[Closed] NEAR Hub Spring Social Media Campaign - May & June 2023

Project Name: NEAR Hub

DAO address: nearhub-dao.sputnik-dao.near

DAO Council members: jeffgold.near, balda.near, avrumgold.near

Hello @marketingdao-council,

After a solid winter of building, it’s time to shed more of a light on what the NEAR Hub team has been up to - with a mix of new editorial content, Discord AMAs, and a solid cross-platform social media plan!

Firstly, a reminder about who we are:

NEAR Hub was founded in 2021 and has since partnered with over 30 NEAR-based projects for custom build metaverse experiences and home to over 100 NEAR community events.

Now, NEAR Hub is NEAR’s go-to metaverse, connecting everyone in the ecosystem through experiences such as community gatherings to NFT galleries, and all while attracting aspiring students to film enthusiasts and first time users curious about web3. Current features include: token-gated experiences, NEAR wallet login, virtual phone, avatar generator, built-in 3D experience builder, and all with VR and mobile compatibility.

We’re appealing to the Marketing DAO for funding to assist with NEAR Hub’s social media and content creation activity as we launch our spring campaign, in order to achieve larger reach for new NEAR Hub projects, to activate the NEAR & NEAR Hub community, and to establish NEAR Hub as a trailblazer for Virtual experiences and AI within NEAR ecosystem.

Here is the outline of the activities for this spring campaign:

  • Deliverable #1: Social Media Content Creation & Calendar Development:

    • Develop social media content calendar for the 2 months
    • Focus on building up NEAR Hub page followers on Near Social and Instagram followers resulting in more posts on those platforms
    • At the moment, NEAR Hub has the strongest social media presence on Twitter and aims to develop its Instagram and Near Social audiences
    • Frequency of posting per channel over the 8 weeks breaks down to:
      • Instagram: 40 posts (20 posts + 20 stories) total
      • Twitter: 22 tweets total; cross-shared into the Discord server
      • Near Social: 24 posts total
  • Deliverable #2: Discord AMAs (end of May-June, exact dates TBC)

    • AMA #1: To highlight NEAR Hub’s AI innovations and the potential for blockchain + AI on NEAR, we would like to host an AMA with founder Jeff Gold and other key devs in the NEAR ecosystem
    • AMA #2: To lay the groundwork for the launch of NEAR Hub Estates and the ESTATEhub token, we would like to have an AMA to discuss the plans for this new project and the virtual experiences the NEAR Hub Community can come to expect starting in September.
    • Frequency of posting per channel breaks down to:
      • Twitter: 8 tweets total; cross-posted in Discord (but audience already there will know, point is to draw audience to our Discord from elsewhere)
      • Near Social: 8 posts total
      • Instagram: 4 posts (2 posts + 2 stories) total
  • Deliverable #3: Long-Form Content:

    • The writing and publication of 1 press release to announce NEAR Hub’s partnership with La Salle College to develop a metaverse showcase space for the fashion design graduating class in mid-May (500-750 words)
    • The writing and publication of 2 blog posts: 1 about the power of AI and the role NEAR Hub plans on playing; 1 about the NEAR Hub Estates project (1,000-1,500 words each)
    • Blog posts to be written in tandem with the aforementioned related AMAs
    • Frequency of posting per channel breaks down to:
      • Medium: Publication of 2 blogs + 1 press release
      • Twitter: 3 tweets total - one per written piece; cross-posting on Discord
      • Instagram: 2 posts - one per blog; 2 shares on stories

Total = 4 posts

  • Near Social: 3 posts total - one per written piece

  • Deliverable #4: Podcast (June, exact date TBC):

    • A podcast episode hosted in NEAR Hub and streamed to YouTube to form the soft launch for a new social media content manager AI platform - created by the NEAR Hub team - called Postaid.ai
    • The purpose of this podcast will be to:
      • Push the whitelist within the NEAR ecosystem
      • Launch the Postaid new social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram) with NEAR Hub social media re-sharing
      • To begin potential influencer outreach and beginnings of the referral program
    • Frequency of posting per channel breaks down to:
      • Twitter: 3 tweets total; cross-posted in Discord (but audience already there will know, point is to draw audience to our Discord from elsewhere)
      • Near Social: 3 posts total
      • Instagram: 1 post + 1 reshare to stories = 2 posts total

Budget/Financial Ask:

We are requesting from the Marketing DAO a total of USD 6,000 to be paid in nUSDC to nearhub-dao.sputnik-dao.near:

USD $2,500 Social media copy creation and scheduling (~10 weeks)
USD $1,000 AMA host and promotion (social media copy creation and scheduling) x 2
USD $2,000 Creation of 3 long-form written pieces & accompanying social media copy
USD $500 Podcast hosting and promotion (social media copy creation and scheduling) x 1


  • Instagram, Near Social, and Medium followers increased by 50%
  • Discord AMA attendees ~60 total
  • Instagram engagement (post likes and comments, story views/likes) increased by 30%
  • YouTube views and engagement increased by 50%

Please let us know if any elaboration is required on any part of this proposal and if there are any questions/concerns!

Social Media Accounts:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nearhub_online/

Discord: https://discord.gg/nearhub

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nearhubonline/

Near Social: Near Social

YouTube: NEAR Hub Online - YouTube

Medium: NEAR Hub – Medium


Thank you for your proposal!

Could you please share this report ?

Unfortunately, some metrics haven’t been reached

For example Discord and Instagram


Hi @Dacha - I’m assisting @jefedeoro as a project manager for NEAR Hub so jumping in here to reply.

For your first question:

These metrics are ones we strive to achieve over the course of this campaign so there’s nothing to report on yet.

If you’re referring to the last Marketing DAO grant NEAR Hub received back in September 2022, the report is here in the comments of that approved proposal.

Hope this addresses the questions!


Thanks for your proposal Jeff,

Overall, the outline of deliverables look good: these are the sort of activities that would be expected from most projects.

Would you or Rebecca be able to expand more on what changes, if any, are being put in place on the execution side?

Nearhub, like many projects on NEAR, has historically been stronger on the technical and product side than on Marketing. The challenge that we have as Marketing DAO is providing funding for projects too early, or without a strategy or team to execute and having most of the funds wasted.

Nearhub is an ‘old’ project and seems crazy that presence on social media to this date is low. Even on twitter, last posts are retweets from March…

I’m willing to support this proposal and NEARHub, but would like to get a better understanding and some reassurances of the strategy and team going forward.

Hi NEAR Hub team – in reviewing the proposal, I agree with @satojandro that the deliverables you’re proposing look similar to those outlined in many proposals. What I am conscious of as we’ve followed many proposals over time is that posting a certain number of tweets, hosting a certain number of AMAs or publishing a certain number of articles often doesn’t directly correlate to audience engagement, NEAR ecosystem growth or the KPIs given to us by the NEAR foundation (outlined here in these guidelines).

With the above in mind, I’d like to understand:

  • More about what it is you’re aiming to do with your content – what kind of content and why will it be appealing to your audience?
  • How will funding this initiative benefit the NEAR ecosystem as much if not more than the project itself (one of our core values as a MarketingDAO)?

I would also only be willing to support a one-month funding request – we’re limited in what we can fund, and we need to be able to assess growth, performance and outcomes before we can allocate additional funding to projects.

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This proposal is being automatically closed due to 14 days of inactivity, applicant never followed up on queries from Council.

If applicants are still interested in applying for funding, please submit a new proposal. I would also encourage the team to get in touch so we can discuss the nature of proposal over a call and answer all questions in a more timely manner prior to proposal going up on gov forum. DM for Calendar link.