NEAR Stars Guild ⭐ Ambassador Program for YouTubers

NEAR Stars Guild Youtuber ambassador program.

Main target.

Allow video influencers to reach out NEAR protocol by creating videos for products built on NEAR, reviews or event promotion. Stars Guild will give insights, topics and help with scenarios and administrate the whole workflow.


NEAR Protocol is one of the TOP rated blockchains, and is well known for it’s products of developers and friendly community.
To advertise NEAR products, news and events NEAR Stars Guild makes and ambassador project for international youtubers that can share their view, review or deep look into products for exchange in NEAR coins.
We will still continue to reach out top youtubers as guild, still we see this kind of ambassador program bit easier to maintain.

Who are we looking for?

NEAR Stars Guild is looking for established influencers and rockies who just started to post quality content about crypto to their fans. We plan to onboard 100s of youtubers by the end of year to who would like to become our close long term partners in promotional support of NEAR protocol.


NEAR Gaming topics:

Play to earn games on NEAR
List of games on NEAR

Atocha Protocol puzzles on blockchain

NEAR NFT topics.


NEAR comics on PARAS


NEAR Economy and trading:, Binance or other trading platforms. How to use it and how to put $NEAR and trade and buy etc.

Skyward Finance
Enable fair token distribution and price discovery for projects built on NEAR Protocol.


Cheddar Farm

Giveaways, Drops and Free Coins:

NEAR Guild Updates and News:

What are NEAR Guilds?

Sandbox OWS
100 ways how to make NEAR coins trough Sandbox

NEAR partnerships: partners with NEAR ( travel company, pay with NEAR coin) Partners with NEAR Protocol to Integrate NEAR Official Blog

NEAR partners with Metaverse


Encode club + NEAR = educational series, coding boot camp, and hackathon. Programs runs till February 2022


Aurora Rainbow bridge how to use it and new UI design

NEAR Support for developers:

NEAR Grants

$350M Grants DAO for NEAR DeFi Projects

AMA sessions with NEAR authorities.
If you wish to create an AMA session, please contact @Zhunda to find out what topic you are interested in and we will shcedule time with NEAR leader of your choise.

Topics are always updated and news, events or any info about product/guild will be provided by NEAR Stars Guild here:

If you don’t see interesting topic that fits you, take a look at to find the best one that suits you or contact NEAR Stars Guild Ambassador program admin for discussion.
@Zhunda or @Hsmoney


Rules to participate:

  • Youtuber must have at least 2000 average views per video, 1000 subscribers and at least 5 videos in their portfolio.
  • Any chances to boost video with FAKE views will be discovered and users will be removed from the ambassador program.
  • User has to fill out a form using his name, email, social media accounts, providing us with his past work samples and describing his target audience for us.
  • When/if a youtuber gets accepted our team members will contact him for negotiations and plan out content script and further actions.
  • When a video is created, first it’s shared with the team and after approval it can be given to the public, must stay unlisted before admins approval.
  • When a video gets its average amount of views it’s reviewed once again by the team to see if there are any fakes, so additionally youtuber might get asked for some info in addition.
  • After everything is approved, youtuber submits his video to this NEAR Forum post in comments (add video and screenshot of view statistics) and adds a link to Stars Guild DAO describing his work and asking for the amount of bounty that he was submitted for. After a voting period of maximum one week he gets his bounty.

Procedure on becoming NEAR Youtube Ambassador:

  1. Fill in your form here: NEAR Stars Guild ambassador program.
  2. Wait a day or two for admins to review your application. They will connect you by provided email or Telegram account.
  3. Pick up your favorite topic about NEAR and admins will give you details for promo.
  4. Create a video, AMA or review.
  5. Wait untill video reaches it’s maximum view ammount (on average one week) and contact your admin providing him link to your video, publication of video on your social media accounts and a screenshot showing video analytics and stats.
  6. Admins will review it and approve it or decline. If approved admin will submit video with proof to our Stars Guild DAO.
  7. Guild council will review video, validate if it’s legit and approve or decline it. After approval your admin will send your bounty to your provided NEAR wallet.

Bounty for promo video creation:

2-5k views 200 USD
5-10k views 500 USD
10-20k views 1000 USD
20-50k views 2000 USD
+50k views +2000 USD (contact @Zhunda for quote).


Can my video be in any other languages then english?
Yes, use your your favorite one no matter if it’s russian, spanish, french etc,

What if my video didn’t got the minimum of 2k views?
Do some advertising doing social networks, asking friends to share or post it on crypto related forums,

Will i get paid in USDT or any other cryptocurrency?
You will get your bonus in NEAR according to it’s USD rate at the moment of submitting DAO?

I have submitted a form and even after one week no reply, did i do something wrong?
Maybe you didn’t qualify as NEAR video ambassador, still we would notify you, so make another shot and resubmit form.


Description of workflow.

  1. Influencers submit an application.
  2. You contact them, review their channel if it’s not fake. How to know that? Look at channel views in whole, like to dislike ratio, comment ratio and i will provide admins with additonal tools. see what topics they are interested to promote. Ill gather info about projects and their latest updates and will create a list.
  3. Give them fresh info so they can start to work on video. Mostly will be found here:
    NEAR Stars Guild ambassador program topics and updates - Google Docs
    By time new projects will be added with project leader contacts, so make sure that given info to youtuber is always updated.
    ALWAYS review video before it becomes public, it means that video after creation should be unlisted. Give youtuber description with links that he should put under video description or in pinned top comment, if he/she wants to make changes to text, it’s fine, it’s their style how to promote our content.
  4. When video is done and maximum view count is reached, ask them for video link and a screenshot of view stats, so we know that views are not bots.
    Additionally ask them to put video on Twitter, Telegram, FB and social media that they will provide.
  5. In comments of this post put their video, socail media links to post pormoting main video and stats screenshot.
  6. Copy comment link in our DAO Astro
    (will give a sample to whole process), write down basic info about youtuber, views video got and bounty that youtuber qualified for (according to table in post) +200 USD in NEAR as your own bounty for work.
  7. Council votes up or down for video after secondary review. If it’s cool - you get the funds. Send the youtubers bounty to his provided NEAR wallet and keep your bounty of 200 USD as for managers work.
  8. Process can be repeated with same YouTuber if he wants to work in long term partnership and you like the results that he provided.

If YOU want to become a video ambassador program admin, write me a message about your past regarding to SMM, video production or any samples about video marketing. If you don’t have any, give a shot, still, priority is given to skilled ones.

If YOU are a Guild Leader or communication person, you build products on NEAR protocol and want to get visibility from YouTubers, feel free to catch me up. Will try to make best promo that we can.


good proposal. I like this idea :arrow_up:

and I’m also looking forward(kind of proposing) for short viral videos (5-10 seconds long at max) that we can easily spread on twitter (highlighting our unique properties)


Thanks for the feedback Raptor!

About 5-10 sec vids.
They should be cool, since catching attention for more than 15 sec is a challenge.
How you feel, it’s more like a designer work or “face on a screen”?


imho designer work with subtract art.
that short viral video doesn’t need to include each and every detail.
just light a spark and let it grow :wink: I’m directing content producers to you so that we can brainstorm together.

Please Let me know if you are to discuss this with a producer I can attend that call


Raptor, Alex Kol caught me, he will help us to make short vids for twitter advertising. So thank you for recommendations. ))

Thanks for getting contnent porducers. (y)

I see that you manage NEAR TG channel. If youll need some extra visibility from our side, will try to help.
Anyhow we will recommend every influencer to put official channel in their description. :sunglasses:


great initiative

and yes i’m sharing this to influencers/content producers with decent amount of followers like +50k

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