NEAR Singapore Guild

Guild Name: NEAR Singapore

Guild Leader: Constance (11x11xc.near)

Guild AstroDAO Address: in progress

Guild Location: Singapore

Guild Details


We aim to cultivate the ethical use and mass adoption of NEAR and blockchain technology, through partnership with Universities, Government programmes, Startup circles and Women communities in blockchain.

Why Singapore

There are 440 + blockchain companies registered in Singapore: crypto .com, Nansen, Koinbasket, Nodereal …

Backed by 222+ investors including Y combinator, 500 startups, IDG capital and more…

Singapore Blockchain Innovation Programme will engage close to 75 companies by 2023 to conceptualise blockchain related projects

SBIP is also working with NUS, NTU, SMU and more institutions on blockchain research and the growth of talent pool

Our audience

All Singaporeans are welcome to join us. More specifically, we will target:

  1. University students - we partnered with students from National University of Singapore to form a Web3 club and within 2 days 20 students applied for core team roles. We were overwhelmed by their passion :stuck_out_tongue: This indicates the strong interest in web3 possessed by students as well as the great demand for knowledge. Web3 club of Nanyang Technology University and Singapore Management University will be launched in August. All NEAR Singapore events will be free to students, and they will be invited to participate in NEAR Singapore bootcamps and hackathons.
  2. Web2 developers and entrepreneurs - Needless to say, this group of people have the biggest potential to enter web3 fast and mass. We have been talking to web2 SaaS companies on educating developers under them and help them enter into web3 with NEAR. They did great in web2 and I believe they will thrive in web3. We have also been chatting with startup project founders, in which many of them faced issue when choosing protocol and finding developers for their projects. We hope to convince more founders to adopt NEAR and provide them opportunities to team up with developers through networking events and hackathons. Sometimes, these rockets just need a little extra fuel to take off. NEAR Singapore will be their home launchpad.
  3. Women in tech - As a woman in blockchain, I know deeply how imbalance the industry is. While there are events and communities for women in blockchain, half of the attendees are male and majority of the female attendees are in NFT, few as developer. However, through conversations I know that many ladies are curious and wanting to go deeper in blockchain industry. Most importantly, they care about the planet. When I introduce NEAR as an ethical chain, they showed more interest. Hence, I hope through me and my fellow female leaders, we can introduce NEAR to more women, not only those in NFT, but to a much wider crowd of all women in tech.

Join our community

Sign up: Form

Website: NEAR SG

Our family

Through my web3 academy partner Ann (bladen16.near), we met with Kelson and Beryn who guided our way into NEAR Malaysia, Antonio who rendered his full support to us from the very start, Asyraf and Wesley who welcomed us with their open arms.

As Antonio mentioned in his previous post, NEAR Indonesia, NEAR Phillipines and NEAR Vietnam are truly inspirational. Thank you for the pioneer works derymars, OrvardJam, RileyTran Hopefully we can unite in person in near future ;D

Let’s assist and support each other to foster the growth of NEAR ecosystem in the South East Asia region.

Next steps & Guild Goal KPIs

We use notion as the main channel to work collaboratively. All steps and KPIs will be communicated and updated via the notion page attached in the following post.

Lastly, something about the guild leader

I graduated from University of Reading, Henley Business School with first class honours in Real Estate Finance & Investment. My working experience includes strategy consulting in top 5 commercial real estate firm and global data merchandising in fast fashion group.

I am a serial entrepreneur and led a web2 SaaS team that has won the 3rd place in Tencent WeChat Developer challenge in South East Asia region. I also participate in Ladies Who Tech, Harvard Entrepreneur Community.

Entering into web3 was tough. With no systematic learning resources, we had to piece the puzzle together through lots of self-learning. However, it was also this project that led me and my partners to realise how education is lacking, for people to understand and adopt web3 projects. There is currently a huge gap, between web2 and web3.

So we started with our friends, to build a community that helps people understand and onboard web3 in a casual and an easy way. Through events and talks, the community quickly grew into 2,000 within 2 months, which affirms our believe that education is in demand and is a pre-requisite for any projects to achieve mass adoption.

So education is what my team and I do now, full time. We are preparing to launch a Web3 Academy to incubate web3 developers and entrepreneurs. As mentioned previously, we are partnering with web2 development companies and universities to deliver events, courses and hackathons. NEAR is a gem, our whole team is bullish on NEAR. We believe we will be an important education hub to continuingly inject fresh blood and enrich our NEAR ecosystem.


Hello everyone, this is Ann, am new to the portal.
Looking forward to meet some of you in Near SG’s kick-off event!


We will update our progress here

If you are interested in Singapore and would like to contribute, do not hesitate to reach out to us! :smiley:


Excited to see this development! As a council member of the DJ DAO, and Malaysian; would like to extend a warm welcome to you :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the future of the SG guild and interacting further in the near ecosystem.


Hi Constance. This is impressive!

I really like your website: NEAR SG :fire:

The partnership with NUS sounds exciting. This is something the NEAR Foundation will surely be glad to hear! @simeon4real @jiten123321 how can we better support Constance and Team?

Near Malaysia Guild stands by to help you in anything you need! And we are looking forward to your grand opening, that we will of course attend!


@constance.near you can use @ to tag the relevant people! In this case, @kelsontoh @beryn @wesleychong21 @asyraf.near @derymars @OrvardJam !! :stuck_out_tongue:


can we know more? :eyes:

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@constance.near This is exciting! And, I got blown away with your introduction. Very impressive! Please let us know anything you need for NEAR SG, NEAR Malaysia will support you actively!


Love to see the community growing :heart:

Guild ops from Concierge team can help you with the guild framing if you haven’t reached out to them yet.

Feel free to contact any of them @simeon4real @jiten123321 @Jloc :innocent:


Thank you so much for the warm welcoming!! Definitely, let’s collaborate and make something cool happen!!

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I wish to tag you all actually!! But tag is limited to 2 only for new users, very sad. A little feedback to the forum operation team :rofl:

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Thank you so much Rahul!! Would love to receive help from concierge team :blue_heart: Will get in touch with your team mate, thanks again!

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Wuhoo family is here!! let’s create magic together!! :dizzy: :laughing:

YES!! please come to the kick-off event :grin: (5 days in advance to help out haha jk…)

Yea!! :heart_on_fire: :heart_on_fire:Here it is:
Courses are in seed user phase now, stay tuned for the official launch in the next 2 months!! We poured our heart into it :laughing: hope to onboard more developers to our NEAR ecosystem!!


@constance.near I will add you to the Guild Leaders Telegram (if I can, if not I will ask you to be added).
There you will be able to meet @FritzWorm, @LuisAponte99 and rest of the gang!


awesome! a Singapore guild, would love to drop by any upcoming events, since I am from and live in Singapore as well


Sounds exciting!! Looking forward to!

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Sure thing! Looking forward to meet you! We will announce on Twitter for upcoming events, allow us some time to plan out nicely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


conragtulations and wish you success team! :hugs: