[Approved] NEAR Singapore Guild Kick-off Event

Hello @CommunityDAO @marketingdao-council and friends,

Last week, I’ve posted the very first introductory of NEAR Singapore Guild, and I was overwhelmed by the warm welcoming and kind support received. A BIG THANK YOU :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: to all of you commented, liked and connected.

We are delighted to let the Community know that we have our first NEAR event planned out in Singapore.

Here’s the details:


At least:

  • 700 new followers on Twitter, Telegram and Discord
  • 50 new NEAR Wallet accounts by Singaporean/ PR/ Long-term Residence
  • 100 attendees in the Kick-off Event
  • 20 subscribers to NCE & NCD (Near Certified Entrepreneur & Near Certified Developer)

Funding: USD 4000 + 20 $NEAR for Kick-off Event in July

Kick-off event cost breakdown

Notes: We will provide proof of receipts as best we could. The remainder amount will be used for the next event.

Kickoff Event Agenda

  1. Welcoming Session
  • NEAR Protocol
  • NEAR Singapore & South East Asia hub
  • Goals & Planning
  1. Wallet creation session

  2. Sharing Session
    Web3 Field Trip
    2 keynote speakers
    Q&A session
    Intro to RUST & NEAR
    2 keynote speakers
    Q&A session
    How to start a Web3 Project
    2 keynote speakers
    Q&A session

  3. Networking Session

  4. Sponsor Spotlight

  5. Wrap-up, next events announcement

If you like it so far and you wish to be part of us, we have these roles for you. :grinning:
However, feel free to propose new roles, be creative!
How to apply? simply leave comments below.

Team Recruitment

Event Rep

University Rep

Developer Rep

Entrepreneur Rep

Female Rep

We hope to hold this kick-off event on the 23rd of July. Let’s make it happen :star_struck: :dizzy: :heart_on_fire:


Hi @constance.near

first of all, congratulations for the hard work and good luck down the road. What a champ! Rising start coming through. I will try to casually drop by, to support the birth of near Singapore :wink:

Questions to you:

  1. an you give a bit more detail on what will you cover about RUST?

  2. Will the 3 sharing sessions be split like we did in Malasyia (meaning people need to choose which session to join) ?

  3. Do you have any venue in mind? At first sight, 2k per month considering how expensive Singapore is, is very, very low. Perhaps you’ll only be able to do 1 event and then run out of funds?



Hi @constance.near thanks for your proposal. Great to see another regional group starting up.

Very pleased to see that you will personally be covering some of the costs of set up.

Good luck with finding new members for your team.

Please remember that if your proposal is successful we will require to see a Report at the end of the event.

Happy to support


@constance.near First sight at the proposal, only one thought - this is super lean and efficient.

Amazing idea and it make sense to establish NEAR community in Singapore.

I will introduce a couple of talented locals to join the movement. And to better support your efficiency, I will help to arrange a meeting with Huobi Global Singapore for event collaboration for this kick-off event.

Fully support on this and I agree with @gonemultichain on this. As far as this proposal seems lean and efficient. What and how to do plan to do after this Kick-off event to keep things going?

I’m tagging NEAR Malaysia team here to extend our support.

@beryn @wesleychong21 @bladen16.near @asyraf.near @gonemultichain


Hello! This is very nice, sharing with you the contact of a developer from Singapore:

Discord: kekarrat#9861


Hi @gonemultichain

THANKIEW for ur support as always!! I’ll definitely save a place for you :smiley:

Regarding your questions:

  1. For details we are still finalising with our guest speakers. Our goal is introduce basic concept, application of RUST, and the difference between RUST and common Web2 & Web3 languages. As RUST is used in web2 but mostly on system rather than application, we hope to let developers have a good idea of why RUST is used by NEAR and how they can use RUST to create application on NEAR.

  2. Yes, I’m very much inspired by what you did in Malaysia. We are hoping to let them choose, but at the same time, my concern is for people like me, I’m interested in all three. Do you have any suggestions based on your experience from Malaysia kick-off event?

  3. You are absolutely right. Venue rental in Singapore is insanely high, and more so if we want to choose a central location for easy access. However, I see that for Tier4 guild (new), the maximum is 2000 per month. Hence, we can only locate all budget to the venue cost, for only one event. Again, love to hear your suggestion on this.

Cheers. :dizzy:


Hi @cryptocredit

Thank you for your support and kind words :blue_heart:

For sure, I’m willing to document everything down, not just numbers but also the memory :smiley:

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Hi @FritzWorm

Hi there, thank you so much for the recommendation!!
I’ve sent through a friend request.

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Hellooo @kelsontoh

It’s a pleasure reading your comments :smiley:

I would appreciate your support in talents and venue, will be super helpful!! and as for the funding, yes due to the new payout rules I saw, we can only apply this amount as a new guild. It’s quite sad, but will try to apply for further funding for future events.

Thanks to my family - team Malaysia!!
Hope to see y’all in our kick-off event :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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sounds awesome.

Well, that is a good question. We did not have much of an overlap, and out of the ~120 attendees, it was something like : 40 beginners, 40 DeFi, 40 entrepreneurs. So quite smooth.

Let’s hope you can find some entity to lend you the venue. What about NUS or other university? Could this be framed as part of the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Club? :slight_smile:

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Yes. Clubs are started, but we are only able to apply at the end of the year, as the 1st window of this year just closed. :confused:

Hi Constance,

Thanks for your proposal! Great to see another regional community come to life!

I’m happy to support this proposal. Among other things, a big deciding factor has been the positive engagement and expression of support from other established and respected members of the community.

Just to clarify, you are able to go above the $2,000 range. The guilds program as such is under review, Marketing DAO operates independently and we have some more discretion on how much to approve (with a soft cap of $10,000). I may suggest you revise the proposal, would be best to request one month at a time but ensure that the budget takes into account all the essentials to ensure the event is a success.

Let me know if you have any more questions,



Hi @satojandro

I’m thrilled to receive your comment!
Thank you so much for making this happen :smiley:

I’ve updated the proposal accordingly with 2 amendments:

  1. Funding for 1 month instead of 2
  2. Catering cost of 12USD adjusted to 15USD (with avg. SGD11.90 - SGD29.90)

Looking forward for the next step :dizzy:


Thanks for updating. Happy to support.

Now you only need support from two more Council Members @marketingdao-council

Once approved on the Forum you will have to:

  1. Create a Poll on the Marketing DAO AstroDAO
  2. Submit Community Payout Google Form to NEAR Foundation (NF)
  3. Complete KYC (Onfido)
  4. Sign the Rewards Agreement (Hello Sign) from the NEAR Foundation
  5. Payout will be one from NF to nominated wallet



Thank you and noted! @satojandro :dizzy: :dizzy:
And thank you @cryptocredit for supporting as well!!
@Dacha @Klint @so608 Please make this happen :blue_heart:

Wow, this is big step towards Singapore :singapore: LFG Near Community in Singapore!


Hi @constance.near I see that you have made a Poll on Astro.
Polls can only be considered and voted on after proposal review and a majority of council supports, it will then be changed from [proposal] to [approved] and you are then free to make a Poll.
The poll should include Target Wallet and Total Amount in the Poll description.
You need one more @marketingdao-council to support


Hi @cryptocredit

Thank you for the tips!! Yes, I just realised that after I’ve created the poll as I was following the guiding video. Was a little bit confused :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the support :dizzy: :dizzy: :blue_heart:
@Dacha @Klint @so608 one more pls~~~

Hi @louietism

Thank you for the kind words :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dizzy:
Great profile artwork btw!! Love it