Near Cambodia Guild

Guild Leader(s): Yanzer Lee, Tomas Pokorny, Jim Ko, Kayel Lee, Saing Sab, Kim Puthkiry, Weena Llona, Seng Keat
Guild SputnikDAO Address: < coming soon >
Guild Location (if focused on a specific geography): Cambodia
Guild Communication Channels : Telegram: Contact @khnear

Guild Details:

1. Vision/Mission :
Introduce Blockchain & near Protocol of all 16 million Cambodians and its residents, spreading the adoption of NEAR and blockchain technology in the country along the way.

  1. Who is this Guild intended for (the kind of membereship you’re looking to recruit / the intended audience you’re looking to reach with your activities)?

Anyone within Cambodia is welcome to join.
Anyone that can has connection be in Personal or Professional in Cambodia is welcome to join.
Welcomed to collaborate, advice, and support the project. We are aware of dozens of existing country-level guilds out there, and we will benchmark and look for synergies as much as possible.

  1. What kind of value is your Guild planning on delivering / Why should someone participate?

Cambodia is a very young country in the arena of blockchain. This guild will help the industry to grow.

  1. Reiterate how community members can join your Guild or get involved with your activities (i.e. social media channels, by commenting on this post, etc.)

Join us for all info at our Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @khnear


We have formed a commitee and had done a GRAND LAUNCH in Phnom Pehn on 22nd September. You can check it in the blog of one of our organizer :

Blog :
Photo Album :


I am so blessed to be the part of the team
Blockchain is the next tech for the future let extend the market

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