[Approved]Reddit Ops September Report

Project Name: Reddit Ops

Project Status: Continuous

Project Accounting: 2k NEAR

Updated Project Timeline: Continuous

Highlights and metrics:

This month, we continued to grow the presence of NEAR protocol on reddit. For those of you not familiar with our operation, the following is a quick summary of what we do:

We break our operations down between engagement on the r/nearprotocol and operations in other subreddits. On the r/nearprotocol sub, we post 3 times daily and comment on each post twice. This ensures that the traffic on the sub stays constant. In these posts, we encourage organic engagement by posting important news updates and asking questions. We also host AMAs on the NEAR sub, with the goal of increasing the sub’s subscribers, giving NEAR community members a platform to share their work with a wide audience, and increasing traffic to other NEAR communities. Outside of the r/nearprotocol sub, we post engaging content with links back to NEAR projects. Once a month, we make a concerted effort to get NEAR to the front page of a major sub.

In last month’s report, we set out the following KPIs:

  • Host 2 AMAs with 100 comments on each
  • Achieve 2,250 members on r/nearprotocol by the end of the month
  • Get NEAR content to the front page of a major crypto subreddit
  • Achieve a minimum of 50 karma for each account
  • Place link trackers on our posts to provide a foundation for Q4 view KPIs.

We achieved our first two KPIs with ease. We have 2,512 subscribers as of October 1. This is up from 1,964 at the beginning of the month. We hosted 2 AMAs, one with Illia and one with Riqi from Paras. Both exceeded the 100 comment KPI.

The account karma KPI is discussed in G’s section.

We did not get to the front page of a major subreddit YET because our team member in charge of that operation had emergency knee surgery. We are conducting the operation this week and will report back on our status.

We figured out how to do link tracking. Insofar as we can tell, Brandwatch is the only company that Reddit will give unfettered access to its marketing data. As a result, we held a consultation meeting with them to inquire about their services. We will pursue this route, but we will have to establish ourselves as an LLC before being considered. We will discuss this opportunity with the NEAR team on Wednesday.

To get a better sense of our daily operations, here is a breakdown of each member’s contribution.


Jack has continued to create and compile content throughout the week, organizing three posts daily on the r/nearprotocol sub. Certain strategies and types of posts have been maintained over the past few months due to their consistently positive reception within the NEAR Reddit community. For example, Jack corresponds with Coyotefugly every Sunday night and acquires 2 or 3 of Swine Guild’s newest and hottest memes to post on #MemeDropMonday. Similarly, the newest edition of NEARWEEK is disseminated each week as we feel this blog is a valuable resource for several of the reddit users who would like a recap on anything they missed within the ecosystem. As there have been several IDOs of products operating on NEAR’s platform, we have used the subreddit as a source to promote these events, with diverse content ranging from informative infographics to community questions surrounding the project.

September was undeniably a BIG month for NEAR’s token holders, and the stoke around NEAR was palpable on the subreddit in the first two weeks of the month. Observing the price spike and perceiving the excitement around this within the community, Jack prioritized making 1-2 posts each day that targeted the reddit members who had a stake in $NEAR. Between memes, community questions, and stats about the exponential increase in the value of the coin, our posts definitely got the attention of the token holders on the sub and added to the hype of $NEAR and the pride of the investors.

**here some posts that were successful around this time.

The Illia AMA was posted at a time the NEAR price was skyrocketing, a move we coordinated to maximize the hype. With NEARCON on the horizon, we have designated several posts towards the promotion and discussion of the “can’t miss” event of the year. Also, Jack has recognized the diversity of the subreddit members and began attempting to appeal to some of the community members who do not speak English as their first language. Jack is fluent in Spanish, and sporadically curates community questions or promotes NEARHispano events/blogs/etc in the Spanish language. Also, as this month’s meme contest was hosted by Russia’s Swine Guild, a couple posts were translated into Russian to gear towards the targeted audience for this event.

We feel that we have been receptive to the feedback we received last month, which primarily centered on narrowing down the target audience for each post. As discussed in the Reddit Ops Team meetings earlier this month, Jack decided to implement an amateur developer (user: electronicsage393) and creator (user: u/quality_c0ntrol) persona into the posts each week. Their personas were established with general inquiries about opportunities in the NEAR creator/developer communities and cemented with repeated posts relating to their sub specialities. Jack discovered that in order to receive optimal feedback and interaction from the members on the subreddit, the community questions in each field should be directed to some specific NEAR themes (ex. creator asking about peoples’ experiences on Paras), but to be worded in an open-ended manner that reads welcoming to all digital art-related suggestions.

Our team felt that we saw impressive growth and interactions on the subreddit particularly this month, so we will continue with how we have been structuring the posts on the r/nearprotocol sub. In the month of October, Jack will continue building these two personas and introduce one or two more personalities (such as someone making the move from Eth to NEAR) to the list of users that we post with.


This month was a definitive improvement on last month, despite its own setbacks. While using the Lol Son distribution network, we have increased our net upvotes by roughly 50%, and are looking to see similar growth in the future with the establishment of more accounts. Lol Son has increased our post engagements and post comments, both of which are our key metrics as of now. My post schedule has changed to Wednesday and Friday, in order to improve post communication between myself and JC/JM. This has been difficult for me personally in the last couple of weeks because of my injury and surgery, but it will be a key focus for the month of October. Now that we have proven that Lol Son and co. can add definitive value, we are going to look to mobilize our own networks on Telegram significantly more. The focus for next month will be account management, and copy content. Building off of the success of the Lol Son network, I will focus on creating more accounts with their own personas to further community development and post engagement. I am also studying the copies that get the most attention on popular subreddits like r/cryptocurrency to further understand what kind of content gets the most engagement. This is an ongoing process and has rather nebulous KPIs, but focusing on what kind of content is interacted with the most is important to refining each post.

Despite the boost to the numbers on each post, we did encounter some problems this month. The first of which was a personal problem. At the end of the month I had an emergency knee surgery as the result of a torn ligament. This hampered my abilities at the end of the month, and resulted in communication problems on my end. As this situation is already resolving itself, I do not anticipate continued problems on my account. Secondly, we had two posts removed. You will note that there are only six posts instead of eight this month. I am working with Lol Son to get the other two reposted after I made significant edits to their copy. This is another reason that in the month of October I will be focusing significant attention on copy content, so as to avoid removals in the future. Third, as the result of my knee injury, we are posting the month end post a few days late. My surgery was in the last week of September, and we have waited through this past weekend to make the post on Monday. If interested, I can post an addendum to this report that outlines the successes and failures of our first effort at being on the front page of a major subreddit. Finally, one of our major posting accounts that Lol Son had access to has been permanently banned. This is a large reason why the other two posts have not yet been reposted onto different subreddits. In this regard we are waiting for Lol Son to let us know that he has access to another high karma account. He has advised us that this will be very soon. The month of September did present significant challenges, but we also saw significant growth in our operation. Continuing with these strategies as outlined above will provide growth in the month of October and will solve the small hiccups that we have experienced.

Links to posts:


In continued collaboration with Jack, the daily activity goals for r/NEARProtocol were successfully reached in September. By utilizing the same pool of around 20 well established accounts (as well as two new accounts dedicated to specific personas and one official NEAR account) the goal of 50 karma per account was met by nearly all accounts. The biggest challenge in meeting this goal was still circumventing reddit’s bans and shadow bans. Another challenge is that comments generally get fewer upvotes, if any at all, which makes building initial karma on newer accounts far more challenging. Three accounts from the core pool were unfortunately deleted by reddit in September. Moving forward, creating and maintaining replacement accounts (and karma) for each deleted account will continue to play a central role in successful daily posting.

This month, Jack’s curated and general community content continued to drive organic community interactions. These tailored posts played a central role in the swift accomplishment of exceeding 50 karma on nearly all accounts. Based on challenges finding reliable link tracking for individual reddit posts, metrics for engagement have been tracked through generated karma. This strategy for tracking subreddit activity makes the most sense as it clearly highlights and accounts for any active community engagement. Understanding which posts r/NEARProtocol community members upvote or downvote is more strategically enriching than tracking passive engagement as long as we continue to see steady community growth.

For the future, concentrated focus on collaborating with Jack to provide helpful resources and information regarding the NEAR ecosystem will persist. Specifically via the utilization of the developer persona account and the nft artist persona account. The official NEAR account will continue to be dedicated to executing AMAs and rewards.




My role is largely administrative. I am in charge of organizing the AMAs and ensuring that weekly progress is met. So I’ll talk a bit about the AMAs here.

Our process for the AMAs goes as follows: I reach out to the host, create an infographic, share this infographic on telegram and through our official channels with the NEAR team, and then I post the AMA. Those wishing to have their questions answered must post their questions within a 72 hour time frame to qualify for NEAR rewards.

The first AMA this month was with Illia. We timed the post along with the jump in NEAR price to ensure that we got a good turnout. The Illia AMA is the top rated post on the r/nearprotocol sub this year. Our second AMA with Riqi from Paras was not quite as popular, but it still met the 100 comment threshold set out in our KPIs.


-We need to have control over a diversity of high karma accounts in case one of them gets banned. We have acquired them and will be prepared this month.

-People are going to cheat whenever you are giving away money for AMAs. We can hamper this effort to a certain extent but at some point you just gotta pay a mf.

KPIs for Q4
5,000 subscribers to the sub

200 karma for each account

Get on the front page of a major sub 3 times (major = 50k or more subscribers)

Initiate Brandwatch smart metrics for tracking links


Thank you for mentioning me in your report! I am always glad to cooperate with you, and also my team is ready to provide comprehensive assistance to your activity!

Reddit community is quite good i have been posting memes recently my username is r/kumarroshan i wanted to ask if there are any rewards for guys like me?

approved two payments

2000N and
1340N (after spoke with David)