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We would like to introduce our project DappLooker. We are a multi-chain analytics and visualization platform for blockchain Dapps and networks. We have integrated Near network on our platform, joining the likes of Moonbeam, Celo, Ethereum and Subgraphs. This will allow users to easily analyze and visualize Near network smart contracts and subgraphs data. You can create and share charts and dashboards with just few clicks.

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Features for Near Dapp Developers

:bar_chart: Sync Near network Dapps smart contracts or subgraphs

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Use our Intuitive SQL editor to write queries. You can query, filter, sort and do joins on Near smart contract and subgraph data

:bar_chart: Use drag & drop dashboard builder to build dashboards

:frowning_man: Share charts and dashboard insights via URL

:spiral_notepad: Download transaction data to CSV and Excel

All of the above is just a few steps away:

Step-by-Step guide :

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Join Beta Program

The current dashboards are just the beginning. We are inviting more projects within the NEAR ecosystem to join their Beta Program to be among the first to launch their dashboard using the DappLooker suite of tools.

If you are interested in joining us in this new era of data analytics, fill out this form, and the team will be in contact.

We’re all here to build a stronger and robust ecosystem!!!

“Let’s build data driven web3 together”