2021-05-17 Engineering Update


If you are a team/person working on NEAR components and you want your progress updates to be included into the weekly update, please send your updates to eng-updates@near.org .



Aurora has launched! It is a big deal, since now we can have Ethereum DevX at NEAR cost, please read the full announcement here: Aurora launches on NEAR Protocol


Node Interfaces


  • We started rolling out Wasmer 1.0 on Testnet, ETA 2 weeks;
  • We have also automated our infrastructure on both Testnet and Mainnet;

Contract Runtime

  • We hot-fixed nearcore version 1.19 to treat one of Wasmer errors correctly;
  • We have also enabled gas profiling and breakdown to be available by default on NEAR nodes;

Developer Platform

Transaction Runtime

  • We started working on runtime specification to catch one inconsistency in our gas usage;