NEAR Malaysia Guild (MyNEAR) Introduction

Guild Name: MyNEAR
Guild Leader(s): Kelson Toh Choon Yong (kelsontoh.near)
Guild SputnikDAO Address: getting one soon!
Guild Location (if focused on a specific geography): Malaysia
Guild Details:

  1. Mission: To build a local NEAR community to empower young enthusiastic entrepreneurs, developers and designers. To educate and transform the traditional businesses into NEAR innovation beacons
    Vision: To become NEAR incubator hub nationally and internationally

  2. Who is this Guild intended for (the kind of membership you’re looking to recruit / the intended audience you’re looking to reach with your activities)?
    Honestly, anyone who’s keen learn and to develop themselves within the community and grow with the community.

  3. What kind of value is your Guild planning on delivering / Why should someone participate?
    We bring collaboration between ideas and technology together to speed up the Web 3.0 adoption, basically publicity and brand awareness for NEAR. The participates of this community will be exposed to opportunities for joining/developing next-generation solutions to be built on NEAR in which encourages career advance.

  4. How can community members join your Guild? (i.e. social media channels, by commenting on this post, etc.)
    Telegram: Join Group Chat (Telegram)
    Facebook Groups (Facebook)

What needs to be done to enhance MyNEAR capabilities?
Timeframe: 2-4weeks
Firstly, get a bunch of friends that are interested to build MyNEAR together. Some developers, designers and marketers. Grow the community inside out and get more people joining us.

Timeframe: 3-6months
Secondly, do a training bootcamp. Get other NEAR guilds to collaborate for educational purposes. Then approach local colleges and universities to offer the students to learn and contribute to the community.

Timeframe: 6-9months
Last but not least, a baby takes 9 months to deliver! We get connected with investors, VC and local incubator/accelerator hub to produce, nourish and support start-ups for the future! Because we believe the future is NEAR!

Feel free to share any suggestions or ask any queries in the comments.


welcome to Near Community :hugs:


Hi @kelsontoh
Welcome to NEAR’s Guilded Age!

I love to see the interest in creating new Guilds in the NEAR Ecosystem. We are excited about bringing all Guilds (including new ones) and their members to the on-chain world through NEAR powered tools.

Soon, we will reach out to you to ensure you are comfortable adopting these tools and starting your Web3 journey with DAOs, Tokens and NFTs.
Please let us know who else in joining the Guild and make sure to introduce them here in the forum.

I would like to understand more about your goals and how you are organizing yourselves to successfully achieve them.

Welcome to NEAR!!


@KriptoRaptor Thank you so much! Can feel the love within the community already.

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@Grace Oh yes! Would love to run through all the tools given here, looking forward!

wesleychong21.near is our new member of MyNEAR

Sure thing! We are arranging a meeting within the Guild and will lay out the Roadmap for how we are realizing our MyNEAR’s manifesto

Will definitely update here.

Hello kelson, nice to meet you on Near Singapore