Near Digital Collective is HIRING! Be a part of NDC team!

Dear Near Community!

House of Merit is hiring candidates for the positions:

  • NDC external BD program lead;
  • Near Digital Collective KYC Solution for Payments lead;
  • Near Digital Collective operations lead

1. NDC external BD program lead

CoA priorities:

  • P-1: Widening Adoption of NEAR;
  • P-1.2: Onboard Successful Projects
  • NDC Budget Subcategory code HOM-003P-1-2

Type: to hire


NDC external BD program lead, your primary role will be identifying, assessing, and onboarding various projects onto the Near blockchain, facilitating the interaction between users and products. Successful project onboarding is key to achieving this goal.


Blockchain is a platform where the users meet products. That’s why it is important to provide a good set of products off the shelf to the users. Successfully operated projects are the shortest path to widespread adoption.

Here are some projects that can be onboarded:

  1. Web3: Metamask, Brave, OpenSea, Etherscan

  2. Web2 and social: Medium, Reddit, WordPress (40% of the websites), Discourse

(standard for web3 governance), Discord, TickTok, Telegram — spam protection, anti-

fake, user engagement

  1. Mass market: supermarket chains, clothes brands, restaurant chains — loyalty


  1. Entertainment: concert organizers, sports events organizers, collectibles, Comicon —

ticketing and gamification

  1. Online services: DuoLingo, AirBnB,, Uber, Bolt, E-loop, FinTech - loyalty

programs and gamification

  1. B2B: logistic companies, real estate, FinTech, TelCom — reduction of the costs and/or risks

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Project Identification: Identify potential projects across different sectors such as Web3, Web2 and social, mass market, entertainment, online services, and B2B that can benefit from blockchain integration.

  2. Project Assessment: Evaluate the compatibility and feasibility of integrating specific projects with the Near blockchain

  3. Onboarding Planning: Develop detailed onboarding plans, considering project-specific requirements and objectives. Collaborate with internal teams to define the scope and goals of each onboarding process.

  4. Collaboration: Build and maintain relationships with project representatives, including developers, stakeholders, and decision-makers, to foster collaboration and ensure successful onboarding.

  5. Technical Integration: Coordinate technical aspects of the onboarding process, including smart contract development, API integration, and data migration.

  6. User Engagement: Implement strategies to enhance user engagement on the blockchain platform, such as implementing anti-spam and anti-fake measures.

  7. Loyalty Programs: Work closely with businesses in the mass market, online services, and B2B sectors to integrate and optimize loyalty programs using blockchain technology.

  8. Gamification: Integrate gamification elements into projects within the entertainment, online services, and FinTech sectors, enhancing user experiences.

  9. Documentation: Maintain comprehensive records of the onboarding process, including project requirements, milestones, and outcomes.

  10. Feedback and Improvement: Solicit feedback from project partners and internal stakeholders to improve the onboarding process continuously.

NDC external BD program lead reports directly to the House of Merit. Budgeting, funding, and reports are subject to regulation by Near Digital Collective Grassroots DAOs, projects, individual contributors funding, onboarding and operations guide and NDC budget approved by the Near Consent (Voting Body) . NDC external BD program lead is responsible for hiring necessary teams to execute CoA priorities and set up the team’s remuneration.

2. Near Digital Collective KYC Solution for Payments lead

CoA priorities:

  • P-2: Public Goods;
  • P-2.1: KYC Solution for Payments;
  • NDC Budget Subcategory code HOM-003P-2-1

Type: to hire

Job Description:

The ideal candidate will establish and manage a robust KYC solution for payments, ensure compliance with legal requirements, and integrate seamlessly with NDC (Near Digital Collective) tooling.


Many projects in the NEAR ecosystem are facing the need to make payouts to third parties (grants, bug bounties, etc). Usually, such payouts are connected with the need for KYC procedures. At least one convenient solution for performing such KYC checks should be present in the NEAR ecosystem.


  1. A legal entity that will serve the KYC solution (only)

  2. Signed KYC Provider

  3. Guidelines to use the KYC solution

  4. Integrate NDC tooling with KYC provider


  1. Number of KYC’d contributors

  2. Projects on-boarded to the KYC solution

Job Description: KYC Solution Specialist for Payments and NDC


  1. Establish a KYC Solution:
  • Develop and implement a KYC solution tailored for payments and NDC operations.
  • Collaborate with legal entities to establish a dedicated legal framework for the KYC solution.
  1. Engage a Signed KYC Provider:
  • Identify and liaise with reputable KYC service providers.
  • Negotiate and establish contractual agreements with the selected KYC provider.
  • Ensure the selected KYC provider aligns with legal and regulatory standards.
  1. Create KYC Guidelines:
  • Develop comprehensive KYC guidelines for internal use, ensuring adherence to legal requirements.
  • Provide clear instructions and training materials for users on the correct utilization of the KYC solution.
  1. Integrate NDC Tooling with KYC Provider:
  • Work closely with the technical team to integrate the KYC solution seamlessly into NDC tooling.
  • Ensure data security and privacy measures are in place during the integration process.
  • Conduct testing to guarantee the reliability and efficiency of the integrated KYC solution.
  1. Legal Compliance:
  • Collaborate with legal councils to ensure the KYC solution complies with relevant laws and regulations.
  • Stay informed about changes in legislation and adjust the KYC solution accordingly.
  • Implement and maintain rigorous data protection measures.

Near Digital Collective KYC Solution for Payments lead reports directly to the House of Merit. Budgeting, funding, and reports are subject to regulation by Near Digital Collective Grassroots DAOs, projects, individual contributors funding, onboarding and operations guide and NDC budget approved by the Near Consent (Voting Body) . Near Digital Collective KYC Solution for Payments lead is responsible for hiring necessary teams to execute CoA priorities and set up the team’s remuneration.

3. Near Digital Collective operations lead

CoA priorities:

  • P-3: NDC Operations;
  • P-3.1: Streamline NDC Operations;
  • P-3.2: Update the election procedure
  • NDC Budget Subcategory code HOM-003P-3-1, HOM-003P-3-2

Type: to hire

Role Description:

This critical role reports directly to the House of Merit (HoM) and is fundamental in shaping the future and ensuring the ongoing success of the Near Digital Collective (NDC) in the digital ecosystem. The Near Digital Collective Operations Lead plays a pivotal role in collective governance, legal structures, and operational efficiency. Responsibilities include careful consideration of community feedback, coordination with NDC members, obtaining approval from the HoM (House of Merit), The Near Digital Collective Operations Lead is directly responsible for budgeting, funding, and reports, which are subject to regulation by Near Digital Collective Grassroots DAOs, projects, individual contributors funding, onboarding and operations guide, and NDC budget approved by the Near Consent (Voting Body) . Moreover, the role involves hiring necessary teams to execute CoA priorities and establishing the team’s remuneration.

1. Update the Election Procedure:

As the Near Digital Collective Operations Lead, you will take charge of updating and optimizing the election procedure for the NDC. This involves incorporating community feedback, collaborating with NDC members, obtaining approval from the CoA (Council of Advisors), and securing endorsement from the HoM (House of Merit).


  • Lead the development of a new and improved election procedure, ensuring active participation from NDC members and the wider community.
  • Address community concerns by implementing principles of robustness, scalability, resistance to manipulation, minimization of manual processes, and ensuring privacy in the voting process.
  • Develop a clear and transparent roadmap for the election procedure update, including well-defined milestones and deadlines.
  • Coordinate with relevant stakeholders to obtain approval from the CoA and HoM, VB for the new election procedure.
  • Oversee the implementation of the new election procedure through smart contracts, ensuring a thorough review and validation to guarantee effectiveness and compliance.
  • Manage the preparation and implementation of the new procedure for the upcoming NDC elections, facilitating a seamless transition to the next cadence.

2. Streamline NDC Operations:

As the Near Digital Collective Operations Lead, you will be responsible for optimizing the overall operational efficiency of the NDC.


  • NDC Operations Legal Setup:
    • Collaborate with legal experts to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the current legal setup of NDC operations.
    • Identify areas for improvement and optimization within the legal framework.
    • Propose and implement changes to enhance the legal structure, ensuring alignment with the overall goals and objectives of the NDC.
  • Governance Framework Analysis and Improvements:
    • Conduct a detailed analysis of the current governance framework, identifying areas for improvement.
    • Propose and implement changes to enhance transparency and streamline decision-making processes.
    • Work closely with NDC members to clarify and update the rights, risks, and responsibilities associated with NDC councils.
  • Setup the Team(s) and Team Process:
    • Develop and implement efficient processes for governance, ensuring transparency and reporting in decision-making.
    • Facilitate the integration of effective tools to enhance transparency and communication within the NDC.
    • Collaborate with financial experts to streamline accounting processes within the NDC.
    • Develop and implement efficient tools for managing and tracking funding, ensuring financial accountability.


  • Strong understanding of legal frameworks, governance structures, and financial processes.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively with diverse stakeholders.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and drive operational improvements within an organization.
  • Strong understanding of smart contracts and blockchain technology.
  • Proven experience in coordinating and implementing election procedures, preferably in a decentralized or collective governance setting is a plus.

For all candidates:

  1. Please attach your resume in reply to the post
  2. The House of Merit (HoM) will review received applications, conducts on-chain voting for each candidate and makes decisions based on the voting outcomes by November 30th.
  3. Candidates should also attach tentative budget to execute CoA priorities associated with this role (included remuneration for for the candidates and teams).

NDC budget approved by the Near Consent (Voting Body)


Am interested in the Job, and i will gladly accept it


My name is Daniel and I am applying for the External BD role.

Dear HoM,

My passion for the crypto industry, started after my research about crypto-currencies open my eyes to the liberation they bring to everyone. This led me to make my first investment in Bitcoin in 2016. I am also a student of the Near Research Collection.

I may not have extensive direct experience in this role but I’m a good learner and I believe the skills I have gathered over the years are transferable.

I would want to take this role or play a part as a voluntary service to gather more skills and experience to make the impact that matters.

I hope HOM will consider my application.



• University of Ghana, Legon Bachelor of Arts Economics and Statistics (Mathematics), September2016­ - June2020.

• Accra Academy (West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination), October, 2013 - May 2016.
• Relevant courses: Accounting, Elective Mathematics, Business Management, Economics


2023 GHANA REVENUE AUTHORITY (GRA) – January, 2023 – September, 2023 (Supporting Field Officer)

•Registration of property into the digitalization system
• Collection of property rates

2022 DATA AUDIT AND VALIDATION EXERCISE (DAVE) – September, 2022 – October, 2022 (Supervisor)

Financial Consultant; Prudential Life Insurance Ghana February 2021 to August 2022

•Help clients create financial plan to achieve their goals.
•Brings in new clients and manages a book of business Maintains clients confidentiality

  • 2021 Population and Housing Census Exercise 30th June to 31st July, 2021. (Primary Enumerator)

• Listing of structures.
• Counting of people and assisting respondents in answering the questions and in completing the questionnaire.

  • National Service Personnel, Ayawaso North Municipal Assembly Head Office, September, 2020 to August, 2021. (Budget Analyst)

• Prepare budget reports and monitor spending to ensure it remains within budget.
• Approving or rejecting funding requests.
• Determining whether budget proposals are in compliance with regulation.


• Checking of marked scripts for errors.
• Remarking and correction of marks for NOV-DEC scripts

Sales Executive, Rooftop Royal Spot, Dansoman Estate, June-September 2016.

• Kept the books of the business.
• Assisted the owner in taking both short and long-term decisions.

• Valid driving license
• Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, STATA and R Studio.
• Ability to connect and effectively interact with people from diverse background.
• A Problem solver.
• Analytic
• Fluent in English and French


Hello Near Community,
I would like to apply for a position “Near Digital Collective operations lead”.
My experience in crypto since 2014 and my management & leadership background fits well with requirements for this position:

Head of BI, Aurora Labs

  • Ownership of the Grants Program in the Ecosystem
  • Leading the Ecosystem development
  • Market and Competitors researches

Head of Bitfury Labs

I created software R&D department in Bitfury from scratch:

  • Exonum: Award-winning framework for enterprise blockchain solutions
  • Crystal Analytics: Digital currency compliance platform
  • Peach: A digital currency payments in Lightning Network technology

As Head of Bitfury Labs, my responsibilities were to:

  • Identify promising products through detailed trendspotting and research
  • Create and manage R&D teams, up to 150 people overall
  • Collaborate with sales and marketing departments to package product

From my perspective Ops lead should provide community roadmap with milestones, so budget will be distributed according the roadmap. My current vision based on the budget prepared by HoM:

  1. Update the Election Procedure.
    1.1 First milestone: a new election procedure, developed jointly by NDC members with
    community participation, approved by CoA and HoM. Tentative budget ~10k.
    1.2 Second milestone: implementation of the election procedure on the level of smart contracts; it’s review and validation. Tentative budget ~50k.
    1.3 Third milestone: preparation and implementation of the new procedure within the next NDC elections. Tentative budget ~50k.
    1.4 Fourth milestone: proper handover of the NDC to the next cadence. Tentative budget ~10k.

Total 120k out of 150k in the budget. We will clarify and confirm the budget as soon as we choose tech team from Near community.

  1. Streamline NDC Operations:
    2.1 NDC Operations Legal Setup. Tentative budget ~60k
    2.2 Governance Framework Analysis and Improvements. Tentative budget ~30k
    2.3 Setup the Team(s) and Team Process. Tentative budget ~40k
    Total 130k out of 200k in the budget. We will focus on efficient manner of delivery, i.e. to do more with less.

I’m impressed by NDC approach and I’ll be glad to be part of executive team.

Alex Botezatu


My name is Yuen and I would like to apply to the external BD role.

My experience consists of being in crypto since 2021, been involved in managing projects in NFT ecosystem and part of GWG that started the NDC. My past responsibilities in NFT ecosystem included moderation, project management, documentation, and BD with other projects.

For GWG, I was tasked to handle the day-day operation of the NDC from handling the mods, syncing everyone, coordinating meeting, providing meeting notes, GWG council for Astro DAO and guiding WGs on the necessary processes and procedures within NDC.

I’m looking to work as the NDC external BD lead to connect projects coming into the NEAR with the necessary resources and funding within NEAR. I have been connecting with people around the ecosystem to know about the possible resources that others have not tapped into yet and want to make a unified document that can streamline the project onboarding process.


  1. Create a funding process for new projects coming to NEAR.
  2. Connect with NEAR Horizon, Dev Hub and NF to know what the available resources and funding are available.
  3. Getting an updated list of dapps and services on NEAR.
  4. Talking with those parties (Keypom, Calimero Network, Shard dog, Aurora Labs, Orderly Network etc) to know enterprise packages and deals available for web2 projects that want to implement them onto their platform.
  5. Talk with web2 projects from socials, traveling, gaming, infrastructure etc and get them to implement NEAR Tech onto their platform.
  6. Documentation of process and contacts in case of handover or for continuation by another party.

Budget Line-item HOM-003P-1-2 (75k):
Monthly breakdown (25k)
BD lead $4.5k
Extra $21.5k

Travelling and business will be raised based on the event requirement and discussion with HOM. A budget will be made for an event and sent to HOM for discussion. If HOM thinks that it isn’t worth the expense or the amount should be changed, then the budget will be removed or changed accordingly.

For Tools and Subscriptions, if the tools are already provided by Operations then the line item will be removed as a whole. If additional tools are needed, we will refer to Operations first before subscribing to the monthly subscription. The budget will change based on discussions with HOM members’ feedback and advice.

Thank you for reading until the end, hope HOM will consider my application and have a great day.


I want to recommend @Illuminfti for the NDC Ops Lead role.

Hi filled a gap in GWG, where others failed, and become indispensable member early summer 2023.

  • Being a spokes person
  • Driving the framework development
  • Doing most of the work for the Elections Integration Committee. Some people called this censorship. However, I know by heart, that all of it was done in good intentions, and limit the fake accounts in the system, who would like to take the advantage of the early stage proof of personhood system.
  • Preparing elections.
  • Dealing with all Near Leaders, and trying to put things in order. And I must say, dealing this multicultural highly opinionated group of people is an impossible task. He handled it pretty well.

@Illuminfti cleaned up operations GWG. Without him, the mess would be even bigger. He devoted countless hours to do his job off the charts.

Recently, @Illuminfti showed strong personality to provide lot of criticism to NDC operations. This criticism should be seen as a healthy discussion how to strengthen the NDC Operations.

NDC Congress was elected by majority of the voters, and it’s already creating dramas in various angles.
I believe, it’s not because the elected NDC Congress has bad intention, but because it’s missing a good manager. @Illuminfti will help NDC Congress to multiply the community trust and help to deliver more!


I want to recommend @Yuen for the BD role.

Yuen is a person full of empathy, golden heart and the best team player. He will take care about all concerns, even before people will notice them.
Most importantly: he is proactive, and will look to cross-collaborate at all the time.

@Yuen is always there, never complains and always deliver. Working with different teams, each with members of different mindsets, being on call at odd times, interacting with customers of diverse attitudes, etc. is a challenge that has to be handled diplomatically - @Yuen will handle that!

He will do his best to engage with community, find people and bring them together.

Finally, I want to highlight his communication skills: listening, understanding, and asking questions to provide appropriate solutions. One of the primary responsibilities of a Business Developer is to be able to communicate clearly and efficiently with all stakeholders. They have to build rapport with their customers as well as peers and subordinates to ensure services are delivered as intended.


I’m interested in continuing supporting this community, and will be happy to submit a full application for the second role. In case Illuminifti is not awarded the third role I’m open to submitting my backup candidacy for that one too.


Please review the application process stated in the OP post :pray:


Please review the application process stated in the OP post :pray:


It’s not in alignment with privacy best practices to require personal information of the kind that’s typically includedl in a CV to be posted publically on a forum such as this. I will (again) reluctantly submit to scrubbing my CV and post an abbreviated version. But I strongly recommend HoM consider changing this practice in future.


I agree. I don’t think it’s best practice either and wouldn’t recommend disclosing any PII on public domain :pray:

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In the past, the GWG had the resume emailed to an email account. There is a neardigitalcollective email that could be potentially used to receive the resumes.

  1. My name is Anatoly and I am applying for the Near Digital Collective KYC Solution for Payments lead.

I have already worked on the constitution for NDC (chapter “Constitutional Commission”). I have relevant experience in legal support for Fintech companies and crypto startups (including matters of IP, tax structuring, creating legal entities etc.). For 1,5 years I have worked with a well-known specialist in the Russian legal industry - Mikhail Uspenskii and can provide a letter with a recommendation from him. And also provide a recommendation from Head of legal NEAR Olga Efimenko.

CV resume.[dell]io/r/cT8BNAhha

Description of Near Digital Collective KYC Solution for Payments lead includes requirements about making payouts to third parties (grants, bug bounties, etc). The first thing is to make clear that KYC is a part of AML compliance procedure and KYC usually is useless outside of AML. The second thing is that right now NDC doesn’t have a legal entity so in future we may need to update the jurisdiction of the legal entity for the KYC process.

We understand the scope of work as creating a new legal entity that makes payouts in crypto over the world.

Budget (for next 3 months)

Researching for jurisdiction and legal consultation 2,000 usd

Creating legal entity 3,500 – 6,000 usd

  • For example

  • Georgia 2,000 usd, maintenance 500$ usd per month

  • Estonia 4,000 usd, maintenance 600$ usd per month

    Including traditional fiat accounts in a bank, offices and a secretary

Legal entity compliance rule creation + reports and other requirements 15000-20000 usd

External KYC services ~ 12000 usd
The median KYC price 4 -130 usd per verification

KYC Solution for Payments lead salary 4500 usd

In total 44,000 – 52,000 usd in 3 month


Integrate NDC tooling with KYC provider if Fractal or another KYC provider doesn’t offer an integrating by them

2 Programmers: JS 3,000 usd per month

18,000 in total


A legal entity that will serve the KYC solution (only)

Firstly, we need to know what jurisdiction (legal structure) and regulations affect the payment system. So we start with legal consultation and compare between jurisdictions (taxes, costs etc.)

Signed KYC Provider

Main candidate for provider -

Other options:

Guidelines to use the KYC solution


The essential verification data for KYC includes:

  • An ID card issued by the government

  • A copy of utility bills such as electricity bills

  • Driver’s license/Passport with a digital photo

  • Social security number

Customer Due Diligence (CDD) is a critical element of effectively managing your risks and protecting yourself against criminals, terrorists and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) who might present a risk.

  • Basic Customer Due Diligence (“CDD”) is information obtained for all customers to verify the identity of a customer and asses the risks associated with that customer.

  • Enhanced Due Diligence (“EDD”) is additional information collected for higher-risk customers to provide a deeper understanding of customer activity to mitigate associated risks. In the end, while some EDD factors are specifically enshrined in a country’s legislations, it’s up to a financial institution to determine their risk and take measures to ensure that their customers are not bad actors.


While the process bears similarity to KYC for individual customers, its requirements are different; additionally, transaction volumes, transaction amounts and other risk factors, are usually more pronounced so the procedures are more involved.

While each jurisdiction has its own KYB requirements, here are four general steps to implement an effective program:

  • Retrieve Company Vitals

  • Analyze Ownership Structure

  • Identify Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs)

  • Perform AML/KYC Checks on UBO(Individuals)

The essential verification data includes:

  • Business address

  • Business license and registration

  • Identification documents of UBOs and business partners

  • Recruitment reports


Hello Near Community.

I’m a dedicated professional with over two years of active involvement in the Near Ecosystem. During this time, I’ve played a pivotal role in contributing to various projects within the Near and Aurora Ecosystems. My journey has been marked by notable achievements, and I proudly led Aurora India to greater heights, surpassing set targets in my capacity as the Business Development leader.

I am now excited to formally nominate myself for a Business Development role, leveraging my extensive experience and passion for driving success within the Near Ecosystem. My proficiency extends beyond the technical aspects of blockchain to encompass a deep understanding of the business landscape and a keen eye for identifying opportunities.


  1. Aurora India Lead ( Since Aug’23)

Here are my few key responsibilities in leading the community

  • Strategic Planning: Develop strategic plans and roadmaps for Web3 adoption. This involves setting goals, defining key performance indicators (KPIs), and outlining the steps needed to achieve organizational objectives.
  • Education and Training: Provided education and training to internal teams, clients, and partners on the benefits and functionalities of Web3 solutions. Which helped a deeper understanding and adoption of Web3 technologies within the organization and the wider community.
  • Ecosystem Engagement: Engaged with the broader Web3 ecosystem, including participating in industry events, contributing to open-source projects, and collaborating with other organizations. Helped in building a strong network, staying updated on industry advancements, and fostering partnerships for mutual growth.

Successfully Onboarded/ Collaborated on 3 or more projects and successfully partnered with Multiple Doas and projects with the Indian web3 ecosystem. Few of them are

  • Maintained a Partnership with the Social3 team and listed active Job opportunities on Aurora
  • Onboarded a few Smart Contract audit platforms like Credshields( Solidity scan), Quill Audits
  • Partnered with active Daos like The Product House, web3 Bharat
  • Bridged Aurora core team with active Indian crypto exchanges like Giottus, and Crypotforce.
  • Enabled a way to partner with Bitscrush a B2B NFT platform and solutions.

Other Experiences :

  • Ref Finance: Content marketing Degen
  • Myriad Social: Digital Marketer
  • RealityChain: Digital Marketer

Skill Set:

  1. Strategic Thinking: Ability to develop and execute long-term business strategies, aligning them with NDC Goals.
  2. Market Analysis: Skill in assessing market trends, identifying opportunities, and understanding competitor landscapes and web3 challenges.
  3. Relationship Building: Proficiency in establishing and maintaining strong relationships with Projects, partners, and stakeholders.
  4. Communication: Strong verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to articulate complex concepts and ideas clearly.
  5. Negotiation: Expertise in negotiating and closing deals that are mutually beneficial for NDC and projects.

My roles and responsibilities as Near Digital Collective Business Development lead

1. Market Research: Conduct thorough research to identify market trends, potential use cases, and target industries that can benefit from Near Web3 solutions.
2. Partnership Development: Identifying and establishing strategic partnerships with other organizations, including blockchain projects, technology providers, and industry influencers. These partnerships can lead to collaborative projects, joint ventures, or ecosystem development.
3. Business Opportunities: Assessing business opportunities related to Web3 solutions, such as defi, NFT ticketing, Supply chain management, Metaverse, and Gaming. This involves evaluating the feasibility, potential impact, and profitability of such opportunities.
4. Client Engagement: Engaging with potential clients to understand their needs, and educating them about BOS. Open web, and present solutions that can address their specific challenges. This includes negotiating contracts and agreements.
5. Team Collaboration: Collaborating with cross-functional teams within the organization, including product development, marketing, and legal, to ensure seamless integration of Web3 solutions into existing operations.
6. Industry Networking: Participating in industry conferences, events, and forums to stay updated on the latest trends, build relationships with key Projects and stakeholders, and represent the NDC’s Web3 initiatives.
7. Proactively pursue new onboarding opportunities through cold calling, networking, and social media
8. Successfully onboard a Web2 project, leveraging Near Protocol’s capabilities
9. Actively engage with the Web3 community through in-person events to understand challenges and requirements. Foster strong relationships with emerging Web3 projects.
10. Coordinate projects with the Core team

Budget :

Month December January February March Total
KPI - Formulate a SOP for BD : Build a standard frame work and align with the HoM/CoA
- Partnership Acquisition: Identify potential project
- Onboard 3 or more differernt projects/Daos on to the Near Ecosystem.
- 5 or more Leads Generation
-Community-Led Initiatives
- Provide support in hiring key users for CoA initiatives and priorities
- Partnership Acquisition: Identify potential project
- Onboarding and integration of 5 or more differernt projects/Daos on to the Near Ecosystem.
- 7 or more Leads Generation
-Community-Led Initiatives
- Partner with most hyped Irls in different region
- Increase developer adoption
With adding key takeaways from pervious month
- Partnership Acquisition: Identify potential project
- Onboarding and integration of 7 or more differernt projects/Daos on to the Near Ecosystem.
- 10 or more Leads Generation
-Community-Led Initiatives
- Partner with most hyped Irls in different region
- Increase developer adoption
New KPI’s will be set based on the perfomance and targets achieved
Budget $3500 $3500 $3500 $3500 $14000

Travelling expenses will be raised separately based on the event requirement.

Budgets are subject to change based on the feedback and Directional Changes of the HoM, CoA, and Voting Body.

Thank you.


Dear House of Merit,

I’d like to express my interest in supporting NDC Operations in general, and in the KYC Solution Specialist position at NDC specifically. With two years in NEAR and with over 26 years of diverse experience in tech strategy, program management, and significant involvement in web3, blockchain, digital identity, and SaaS environments, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute further to the impactful KYC initiatives in the NEAR ecosystem.

Please see my full application letter with attachments here

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Case study
  • Plan of action
  • Budget
  • Key questions




Applying for External BD program head

NEAR Kenya, Remote

Investment Analyst, July 2022 - March 2023

  • Improved project screening and due diligence checks that reduced the number of projects that fail after being funded by approximately 60%.
  • Initiated partnerships with accelerators that gave us access to their portfolio of high-quality, pre-vetted businesses and the opportunity to receive up to $500k in pre-seed capital, incubation, and acceleration.
  • Oversaw deal flow system design from application to funding reducing the amount of time spent on project analysis by approximately 65%- 20 hrs per week
  • conducted in-depth market research that allowed us to save time and resources by focusing on specific interesting geographies and categories within East, West, South and North Africa
  • By providing grantees with operational support, they were able to meet their milestones on time, cutting the time it took to complete milestones and launch a product from 6 months to 3 months.
  • Gave insights on pipeline reporting system development which boosted data collection accuracy in the investment memos, decreased errors, and cut manual reporting time by roughly 90%.
  • Reduced the cost of launching our grantees’ products by over 25% by forming partnerships with technological partners such as smart contract auditors, cloud storage, hosting, exchanges, market makers, and liquidity providers. These partnerships enabled our grantees to access their services at subsidized rates.
  • Co-ordinated and led 100+ meetings and interviews with founders looking for investment to understand about the solutions they were building and their capacity to deliver.
  • Was a member of and participated in the investment committee sessions that made final decisions on projects to be funded.
  • Some entrepreneurs gave me the chance to join their team as an advisor to help them with my areas of expertise, which are business development, partnerships, and fundraising.


Business development lead, January 2021 - July 2022

  • Spearheaded collaborations with the World Bank-funded $50 million startup support program program, with the goal of supporting 1000 Kenyan startups.

  • Facilitated discussions with a $800 million smart city supported by the government to evaluate opportunities for implementing blockchain technology solutions for the city and its residents and clients.

  • Led negotiations with certain state-founded parastatals in the education sector that are in charge of vetting educational results and credentials to examine possibilities to use blockchain to validate credentials.

  • Initiated partnerships with investors, accelerators, and 15+incubators to provide financial assistance and mentorship to startups.

  • Provided enterprise support through the execution of structured programs to make sure entrepreneurs have the knowledge network, and services to scale

  • Represented the company conferences, meetings, and industry events


Sales &Investment Analyst, September 2020 - January 2021

  • I identified, analyzed, and sourced investment deals.
  • I invited promising founders and startups for demo pitches with VCs and angel investors at LATOKEN VC TV.
  • I conducted the initial screening and onboarding of the projects for IEO fundraising after performing due diligence.
  • I carried out competitive landscape research, market sizing, and business plan modelling.
  • I developed links and clear value propositions with prospective partners in the web3 ecosystem.
  • I played an active role in managing the entire investment process, including deal flow

To the HoM,

As a longtime member of the NEAR ecosystem, I would like to extend my offer for fulfilling the requested role of Solution for Payments lead.

In the interest of being concise, I’ll simply explain my qualifications for this role and my tentative plan to carry it out.

As for my resume, I’ll summarize what’s relevant: I have a depth of experience managing compliance, firstly as a lab manager in academia for ~5 years and later occupying various roles around crypto and the NEAR ecosystem. I have worked for a handful of DAOs, EthDenver, and most recently near/dev/hub and am familiar with crypto compliance generally, while also extremely familiar with high-compliance scenarios like those of an academic lab.

Perhaps just as importantly, I am well connected with many founders/builders/projects in Web3 generally. I have contacts all over the industry, including many in legal and compliance roles, and have the ability to get cordial advice for best practices that many others probably don’t. I realize “trust me bro, I know people” doesn’t sound all that interesting as a job qualification, but it’s probably the strongest qualification you’d have a hard time finding in others.

My tentative plan for fulfilling the objectives of this role are pretty straightforward:

  • Perform a comprehensive survey of projects with KYC needs and how they’ve best served those needs;
  • Perform a comprehensive survey of available KYC providers and how they might best serve the needs of the NDC and ecosystem projects;
  • Consult with my experts within the crypto-legal space and ensure I know best practices, including grants managers for top projects and legal experts;
  • Based on these two surveys, establish the most straightforward full-coverage KYC solution possible for the NDC;
  • Deliver a simple integration for NDC-KYC within the existing interfaces to ensure that becoming KYC’d, knowing your KYC status, and interfacing with functions with KYC needs is simple and obvious;
  • Help onboard NEAR projects and contributors to the NDC-KYC solution, starting with 1-on-1 meetings, following docs/tutorials, with the goal of eventually having this become a self-serve model;

My simple budget proposal for the 3 month period is 50000$:

35000$ of this will be reserved for salaries and contract work performed as necessary;

15000$ will be reserved for an as-to-yet unknown mix of legal fees and any up-front KYC partnership costs as necessary.

This budget does NOT presume that all of this will be spent.

Looking forward to your consideration, and open to any follow-up discussion.


  1. House of Merit accepts applications from candidates, along with their resumes by November 26th.
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