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Hi @blaze,

I am very enthusiastic about the opportunity to join the NEAR Digital Collective as the Operations Lead. My long-standing contribution to NEAR’s mission and deep alignment with your values have been a driving force in my career. I particularly appreciate your suggestion to use a dedicated email for resume submissions. This structured approach is exactly why I have been holding back my application; the current forum seems overwhelmed with entries, which could potentially dilute the attention each application receives.

The idea of an email-based application process appeals to me as it ensures a more organized and focused review, allowing each candidate’s qualifications and cover letter to be thoroughly evaluated.

I am keen to apply my skills to the NDC team. Could you please guide me on the best way to formally submit my application and resume via email?

Looking forward to contributing to the NDC team and bringing more structured and efficient operational strategies.



Subject: Comprehensive Proposal for External Business Development Program Lead - House of Merit Support in Near Digital Collective

I present a comprehensive proposal for my engagement as an External Business Development Lead. I have 20+ years experience in technology, entertainment, Web2/3 marketing, partnerships, and influence campaigns. The focus of this role is on Onboarding Successful Projects, aligning with the NDC’s priority P-1.2, under the NDC Budget Subcategory code HOM-003P-1-2.

Team Structure:

I propose a truly external-facing team for the House of Merit to support both professionalism and access to experienced, objective professional support. To this end, I would bring my company, Rising Partners, as the team ready to commence work immediately. Rising Partners works directly with entertainment, technology, and cultural institutions worldwide, aiding their migration to the blockchain through loyalty, marketing, and creative programs.

In the past year and a half, I have developed relationships with the NEAR Foundation, the NDC, Near Horizon, Aurora team members, and various projects on the protocol. I was one of the founding members of the GWG as the communications lead, and have a deep understanding of the NDC positioning and potential. As a founding council member of SHE IS NEAR, I am also the point for all of our partner programs, with a focus on bringing tier 1 projects and professionals to NEAR. I believe that this singular focus on business development and partners that I will have for 2024 gives the House of Merit a truly externally focused perspective to the table.

My partner, Carolina Cappabianca, would work with me to bring tier 1 projects and business to the chain. Since I bring the insider perspective of NEAR, we will also have Carolina as senior support, along with two associates to help drive the programs. We bring direct, real-world experience with major media and technology companies, including Google, Sky Italia, Netflix, Saatchi and Saatchi, HP, Ethereum, Polygon, and others. To succeed in external business development, we will be well-positioned to influence those in the spaces we most critically need, including loyalty programs, entertainment, gaming, and large brands to NEAR.

Our collective focus will be on driving external partners to the House of Merit and to the NEAR Digital Collective. We will, of course, focus on the Web3 and Web2 partners and projects that are low hanging fruit for NEAR and the NDC, though we will bring 25+ years of experience in the areas most competitive for our collective success. Targets we will approach first who are actively working in or on their blockchain strategies:

  • Mass Market Targets:

    • Supermarket chains, LVMH, H&M clothing, Gap, US-based restaurant chains (e.g., Pizza Hut), Ikea — Media loyalty programs
  • Entertainment Targets:

    • The Sphere (Las Vegas), sports events organizers including, SXSW, Comicon — ticketing and gamification
  • Online Services Targets:

    • DuoLingo, AirBnB,, Uber, Bolt, E-loop, FinTech - loyalty programs and gamification
  • B2B Targets:

    • Logistic companies, real estate, FinTech, TelCom — reduction of costs and/or risks

3-Month Project Onboarding Plan:

Month 1: Project Identification and Assessment

  • Identify potential projects across Web3, Web2, social, mass market, entertainment, online services, and B2B sectors.
  • Rigorously assess the compatibility and feasibility of integrating specific projects with the Near blockchain.
  • Begin building relationships with project representatives and stakeholders.

Month 2: Onboarding and Collaboration

  • Develop detailed onboarding plans for selected projects, considering project-specific requirements and objectives.
  • Collaborate with internal teams to define the scope and goals of each onboarding process.
  • Foster collaboration with project representatives, developers, and decision-makers.

Month 3: Technical Integration and User Engagement

  • Coordinate the technical aspects of the onboarding process, including smart contract development, API integration, and data migration.
  • Implement strategies to enhance user engagement on the blockchain platform, including anti-spam and anti-fake measures.
  • Begin the integration of loyalty programs and initial gamification elements into selected projects.

Ongoing: Documentation, Feedback, and Improvement

  • Maintain comprehensive records of the onboarding process, including project requirements, milestones, and outcomes.
  • Solicit feedback from project partners and internal stakeholders to improve the onboarding process continuously.
  • Iteratively refine strategies based on feedback and emerging industry trends.

Budget Proposal: External Business Development Program Lead - House of Merit Support in Near Digital Collective

Total Budget: $75,000

Sarah and Carolina Compensation: $30,000

  • Monthly Compensation (for 3 months): $10000 per month
  • This covers strategic planning, business development, proposals, active meetings, and project management.

Technical Lead Compensation: $30,000

  • Monthly Compensation (for 3 months): 10000 per month
  • This covers critical interfacing with Near devs and leaders, spec and onboarding development and documentation

Associates Compensation: $15,000

  • Monthly Compensation (for 3 months): $5,000 per month for both associates
  • They will support the program with various tasks, including research, coordination, and documentation.

Project Expenses and Miscellaneous: To Be Determined

  • Allocate a portion of the budget for project-related expenses such as travel, virtual meeting tools, and other necessary resources.
  • This can be assessed on a case-by-case basis and adjusted according to the specific needs of the projects.

Next Steps:

I propose a detailed discussion to further refine the scope, objectives, and key performance indicators of this engagement. Our team, led by me and supported by Carolina, is ready to collaborate closely with the House of Merit and the NDC to ensure the successful implementation of this program.

  1. House of Merit accepts applications from candidates, along with their resumes by November 26th.
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House of Merit accepts applications from candidates, along with their resumes by November 26th.

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+1 415 542 8873

Twenty+ years of experience in business leadership, marketing/partnerships/public relations, producing, public affairs and content curation. Executive-level management and consulting experience with startups, mid-size companies, and large global players. Proven Blockchain, Layer1 Governance and Innovation Leadership. Trusted advisor to CEOs, venture capitalists,
executive directors, and boards for branding, public affairs, public relations, influencer
relations, content creation, and curation.

• Trusted creative producer/content creator + marketer.15+ years as a media specialist,
producer, and project manager for legacy arts and technology organizations, and education
ventures in Silicon Valley, New York, and Europe. Proven experience leading diverse teams of
highly creative and neurodivergent people. Clients include The Kitchen, UC Irvine/Berkeley,
Pop!Tech, Institute for The Future, Obscura Digital, etc.

• Management/leadership experience in large and boutique communications agencies
including, Burson-Marsteller, SparkPR, and Peppercomm Communications. Developed first
international influencer relations programs, strategic events, meet-ups, salons, social media,
brand communications, influencer and analyst relations, small and massive launches, and
customer relations programs. San Francisco, New York, London, Italy

• Success creating and managing high-impact media/content campaigns within diverse
organizations First producer at Netflix for live TV, positioned Keyhole that became Google
Earth. Public Affairs Lead for women’s health and policy at The Mother’s Milk Bank. Content
creator/ producer for EdTech company NearPod. Managed communications budgets at
$600,000+ and helped to raise and maintain a 3 million dollar Ford Foundation Grant for
education/technology and the arts.

**Domain expertise includes: Creative economy, entertainment and emerging technologies,
science literacy and healthcare, education, and EdTech, human-centric design/systems.


NEAR Digital Collective (NDC), August 2022 - August 2023
Founding member and Communications Lead
NDC is the largest democracy/election movement on a Layer1 Protocol. KPIs include
core positioning and 30K listeners to movement conversations, identified and supported members to position their communities to run for office.

Rising Partners, Rome/San Francisco January 2021 - Present
Founding Partner
Rising Partners is an integrated marketing and communications firm that focuses on bridging
old brands onto Web3. The focus is on identifying and supporting art and technology
partnerships and research for brands including The Peggy Guggenheim Foundation, and
private financial services firms looking to enter Web3 for private collections.

Raw Science Film Festival, Los Angeles July 2018 – January 2021
Consulting Producer/Communications Lead
The Raw Science Film Festival is a leading festival to celebrate the world of science/inquiry
and the entertainment industry. Advisor to the founder and CEO of the festival on
fundraising, content creation, public policy campaigns and not-for-profit engagement.

The Mothers’ Milk Bank, San Jose October 2016 – July 2018
Deputy, Public Affairs/Marketing Lead
The Milk Bank is the oldest Milk Bank (like a blood bank) in California. For over forty years it
has been meeting the needs of the most vulnerable infants (Preemies, NICU and foster/ill
infants) while directly addressing the issues of health equity and social justice for women,
babies and families under or at the poverty line. Managed all press including ABC and BBC.
Negotiated WWF segment on “Total Divas” with over a million views on E! Entertainment to
highlight Brie Bella’s visit to NICU and donation of milk for infants at risk.

TCOY (The Culture of You), San Francisco August 2016 – February 2018
Consulting Content Producer
Content Creator/producer for EdTech venture focused on creating skills development online
curriculum for young adults in crisis to better navigate their big life transition. Wrote content
for neuroscience-based programs dealing with spatial intelligence, design thinking, and hands-on learning. • Responsible for all partnerships and evangelism (Stanford University & USF) for
content creation for salons and events. Managed scientist engagement and intern

Community Producer/Communications Lead
Managed daily execution of programs/content management for programs that bridge
neuroscience/science literacy/creativity and children at risk. Developed positioning and
partnership programs, and media /influencer relations for the Inventio!Brains System™ aimed to
strengthen educators’ understanding of the brain and teach creative processes to support
STEAM programming.
• Curated, “Inventio! Conversations” — international salons that brought applied
neuroscience in conversation with those in the fields of policy, art + design, screen
cultures, wellness, futures and education with pick-up in local SF and LA press.
Guests included Kevin Kelly, Dr. Mark Changizi, Dr. September Williams, Dr. Paul Zak, Dr.
Wallace J. Nichols and others

BVNW GROUP, San Francisco/New York May 2002 — March 2012
BVNW offered comprehensive creative production, influencer & media consulting for
start-ups, international 501C3 cultural centers, philanthropic organizations, academic
programs and digital ventures focused on Art and Technology. Core offerings included
integrating new forms of events, partner development, facilitation & roadmap development,
hybrid projects utilizing creative social/media (installation/site specific/digital media) to
support organic innovation & growth.

Some examples include:
• Supported the Executive Director and Curator of The Magnes Collection of Jewish
Art and Life (U.C. Berkeley) created their strategic roadmap to support their annual
report/social media for their donor communications for outreach and growth.
• The Blue Marble Project 501c3 and BLUEMiND, advised and developed the
evangelist program and summit/salon series initiated by Wallace J. Nichols, Ph.D,
marine biologist and NeuroConservation leader. Additionally, produced events at the
California Academy of Science in celebration of Jacques Cousteau. Work led to Dr.
Nichols on the cover of Outside Magazine, coverage of BLUEMIND in the
NYT/WSJ and Good.
• Advisor to Obscura Digital CEO and EVP of Marketing for communications –
supported marketing strategies for live, large-scale projects including YouTube at
Carnegie Hall.
• Consulting Director of Development and Communications for culturally iconic
thought leadership conference, Pop!Tech 501c3. Managed partners and supported
guest speakers including Brain Eno, Reggie Watts, Stuart Brand and others.
• Boosted market awareness for Keyhole, soon after being acquired by Google and
re-branded “Google Earth”
• Consulting director of development/strategist to the Executive Director for The
Kitchen. As part of a Ford Foundation Grant, we developed the first National Arts and
Technology Network, a collaboration between international art + technology
educators and individual artists including Bill T. Jones, Laurie Anderson and Philip

Senior Manager
Hired to support West Coast president with growing and managing satellite office of New
York-based, award-winning mid-sized agency and to establish new business and partnership
• Negotiated and managed partnerships with Media-Screen and Dealmaker Media
with clients including Jump Associates, Hands-On Mobile, Fireman’s Fund,
Media-Screen, Anderson School of Management/ UCLA and Medium. Negotiated
articles for Jump Associates in Harvard Business Review and Bi-line in Fast Company
as well as full staff interview with BusinessWeek innovation/ international editors

NETFLIX, Los Gatos/Los Angeles 2004 — 2005
Senior Manager/Producer
Oversaw “Love of Movies” brand, studio relations/publicity and executive produced live,
branded Netflix TV spots on movies, awards, and film festivals.
• Developed Studio Partner Public Relations program: created network with C
Level publicity contacts at studios including Lionsgate, Warner Brothers, Sundance,
Paramount, etc, leveraged the Netflix brand to secure placement of one-on-one
interviews with Tier1 talent, forward placement on red carpets, and exclusive
screenings of films for early TV reviews
• A team of five (including the agency) increased the national booking of SMTs within top
25 DMA morning news programs including the following top 10 DMA markets: ◦ NY, LA,
Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Atlanta, Detroit
• Team booked Rocchi as a recurring guest analyst on CNN Headline News,
Scarborough Country & BBC
• Personally pitched, landed, and managed on-site interviews for Netflix
pre-taped interviews and produced talent interviews with Adrien Brody, Keira
Knightly, Robert Deniro, Don Cheadle, Uma Thurman, Gweneth Paltrow, Regina King,
Steve Buscemi, Brad Bird, John Sayles and others
• Produced all Netflix on-air Rocchi Reports from The Cannes Film Festival,
Toronto Film Festival, Sundance Film, Tribeca Film Festival, Palm Springs Film Festival,
HBO Comedy Festival, and the Independent Spirit Awards
Education: The Royal Court Theater International Training Program London, England Sarah
Lawrence College Bachelor of Arts Bronxville, New York
Passions: Writing, the ocean, travel, children, film, social justice and new languages.


If this was directed at me and we’re being sticklers, there was no specificity for time zone, and I am currently in Hawaii.

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Greetings HOM Team,

Sending My application for the BD Role.


With over 7 years of BD experience and most recently serving a year as a key contributor to NEAR India’s adoption efforts, I have the proven background suited for the External BD Program Lead role. As part of the NEAR India team, I focused on forming productive partnerships with brands across entertainment, retail, fintech and other sectors to drive local adoption.

Additionally, I have spent the past 4 years working closely with various layer 1 blockchain teams like Terraform Labs, where I engaged daily with stakeholders across business development, infrastructure, technology, marketing agencies and external projects. This cross-functional exposure has equipped me to manage multiple key stakeholders, understand their respective priorities, and bridge cross-team collaboration towards unified goals.

As NDC External BD Lead, I will deepen NEAR’s integration partnerships by identifying and meticulously evaluating new Web2/Web3 projects for fit, viability and readiness. Leveraging best practices around scoping requirements, driving usage, and managing partnerships, I will onboard world-class projects to enable next-generation experiences powered by NEAR.

My Resume:

NEAR Protocol - Head of Comms & BD, NEAR India Hub - (2022 Sept - 2023 May)

● Organized engaging AMA sessions and formulated effective Twitter strategy.

● Established brand voice and thought leadership through PR and influencer collaborations.

● Assisted in incubating 27+ projects with marketing campaigns and fundraising efforts.

● Assisted in connecting NEAR Foundation with 7+ Web2 Brand Deals.

● Managed Pitch building and PR narrative building for Legacy brand deals.

● Maintained meticulous documentation, managed internal and external communications.

● Managed Telegram and Twitter communities, implemented growth strategies.

TerraForm Labs - Communications Ecosystem Lead - (2021 Nov - 2022 Sept)

● Managed 45+ Projects community growth initiatives.

● Coordinated PR campaigns for Terra and its related projects.

● Organized and Managed all Interview requests from media outlets.

● Maintained Project Development Reports of all projects across Terra Ecosystem.

● Assisted TFL’s Website management Team with SEO requirements.

(Redacted rest of my resume due to the public nature of the forum)

Linkedin -

Twitter -

Website -

Proposed Budget

Lead Compensation: $75,000

BD Expenses: TBD based on partnership opportunities

I will work closely with the House of Merit to establish BD expenses budgets on a case-by-case basis tied directly to the value, scope complexity, and integration requirements of qualified opportunities in our pipeline.

Costs will fluctuate based on factors such as:

  • Scope of technical integrations
  • Co-marketing and activation costs
  • Legal, and compliance needs
  • Level of account management support
  • Innovation consulting services

Rather than put forth a speculative range at this stage, I suggest developing partnership-specific budgets that outline deliverables, milestones, and key requirements related to technical, legal, marketing, and account support needs.

This tailored budgeting approach based on the merits of each opportunity allows for intelligent, ROI-focused deployment of funds that further NEAR’s ecosystem growth in a sustainable manner.


As evidenced by my proven experience across business development, communications, and community growth initiatives in the blockchain industry, I believe I would bring tremendous value in identifying, assessing, and onboarding impactful projects onto NEAR’s platform.

The NDC’s priorities around driving mainstream adoption and cultivating a vibrant ecosystem of applications closely align with my own passions for expanding accessibility to Web3 and leveraging blockchain innovations to empower people’s lives. If selected for this opportunity, I am fully committed to assembling a world-class integration team that raises the bar for what NEAR can achieve through partnerships.

Please let me know if there are additional materials I can provide or areas you would like me to expand on. Once again, thank you for your time and consideration. I very much look forward to hearing your feedback.


Maslin would be a great asset to NDC. Full support here

Hi, Is it for year? or Monthly?

That is meant for a year


NDC Operations Lead Announcement

We want to announce the appointment of Alex Botezatu as the NDC Operations Lead. With a majority of “Approve” votes from the HoM, and no veto from the CoA, we are confident in his capabilities.

:link: HoM Vote Results:

:link: CoA Decision:

We appreciate the community’s engagement and support. Alex’s application for the “NDC Operations Lead” position can be found here: Near Digital Collective is HIRING! Be a part of NDC team! - #5 by Sine

Let’s welcome Alex to the team and look forward to achieving great milestones together! :rocket:


Hello? my Name’s Gad Ngiruwonsanga. I write this message,I want to applicate Job of Driving category B I have experience but I would do another job

              Thank you for your Good answer

Hi is this still valid?
I’d love to apply, however more than happy working with the team to learn & grow more with them as we onboard more communities in the global south! Is that feasible?

Is this still valid?
I’d love to apply, however more than happy working with the team to learn & grow more with them as we onboard more communities in the global south! Is that feasible?

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