[NDC] Application to be part of the NEAR Digital Collective leadership for Governance Framework

Hello Team @NDC_Comms
Nice to see you again.

Title: NEAR Digital Collective Leadership Program

Application for - Working, Supporting, and leading Governance Framework.
Name : Shubham Maheshwari (@Albhion)

After Attending two Meetings from NDC, Firstly I am Glad to meet the Whole Near Community and Core Team Near @marieke.flament , @satojandro @Dacha @illia, and Core Team Member of NEAR
Thank you Team NDC for giving Near Forum and Near Community Builder an opportunity to work closely with Team NEAR and NEAR Ecosystem.

Let me Introduce Myself What I have Initiated for the NEAR and NEAR Ecosystem so far and What are ups and downs I faced .

Myself @Albhion - Shubham Maheshwari | India, Mumbai

Started My journey last year as Volunteer and joined through an open web sandbox, later on, I deeply study about Near, its process and working style, and also the Near Ecosystem. Before Near, I worked for projects called open leverage and Sheepdex and was also part of Kuccoin Ambassador. Being in Web3 Space for almost three years, I am not Dev and Technical but as a profession, I am Digital Marketing & Brand Manager and worked with Indian and UK Companies.

After Joining Near, I am a full time in NEAR and NEAR Ecosystem Projects - Currently, I am a Council Member of Raindrops DAO and Graffiti DAO. Because of NEAR I Build my team and Name as Samurai and they worked with me as web3 Interns and Content creators, Videos on Talks on NEAR Blockchain.
I also Initiated a Near Virtual Meetup with my team and also joined 4 Near Sponsored EVENT - and Recently joined Mumbai NEAR Meetup with Near Foundation and Near Community Lead Shreyas and Ayoung.

Reason to Apply Leader for Governance Framework.
Every Process need streamline to work, develop, process and promote.

I would like to take a lead in creating and executing the drafting governance framework with team of NDC and Leaders , I have all the skills and ability to work and perform the task in proper manner . In a Month I am drafting more than 5 proposal for different work and category

My working hrs for NDC will be 30hrs per week . ( Excluding , Session , NDC Calls , Brainsmatorming and also Team Meetup )

Inital Inititaive and Work Plan

  • After the leadership appointmenrt I will conduct the meet to get the goals and target to execute in given time frame .
  • Drafting for governance forum and work with existing and new team .
  • Weekly Brianstorming session with team .
  • Assigning Roles and Content Creation will also taken care off
  • address the team to work with proper tools and sources
  • Designing and creating Videos whenever required

I will be glad if I get the opportunity and work with NDC Team . Thanks @Dacha @blaze @FritzWorm and Every Community Member .