Near Digital Collective (NDC) - Marketing NDC Workgroup Lead - Klint for Consideration and Vote

Hi Friends,

This post formally puts my name forward for the Marketing NDC Workgroup Lead role as part of the NEAR Digital Collective:

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About Me:

Web3 marketing expert, leader, and growth-hacker

  • I’m a 6x startup founder with 15 years of digital marketing and growth-hacking experience. Originally from Washington, DC but living in Copenhagen, Denmark for the last 7 years. Some of my accomplishments include:
  • Near Marketing DAO Advisor and Council Member [Jan 2022]
  • Started investing in crypto in 2016
  • 4 successful startup exits building and leading the marketing departments
  • 3+ years running a award-winning 20+ person growth-hacking and digital marketing agency focused on Web3
  • Worked on projects with large global organizations across industries such as Google, Datto, Novo Nordisk, Grundfos, and many more.
  • Successfully launched and grown dozens Fintech, Crypto, and Saas products
  • 100s of marketing campaigns launched across dozens of channels
  • Ongoing workshop facilitator and mentor for Web3 and Saas for 12 accelerators
  • Fundraising for Near Nordic / Layer Three Ventures - Ethical and sustainable venture fund for layer three dapps
  • Mentor and advisor to all sorts of deep tech startups

120+ Presentations I’ve given over the last 4ish Years

  • Tab 1 - Presentations [Links, Videos, and URLs)
  • Tab 2 - Podcast Appearances
  • Tab 3 - Awards
  • Tab 4 - Writing

50+ Pages of Postive Reviews / Positive Feedback / Testimonials
These come from:

  • Public speaking
  • Lectures
  • Masterclass - 7500+ Graduates
  • Clients
  • Startup Mentorship / Advisory

Why Klint for the NDC Workgroup Lead?
A lot is at stake. As a council member, I have reviewed hundreds of proposals. We’re overdue for updating the strategy and execution to prioritize long-term value being created at scale. Working with systems, data, and many moving parts is where I’m comfortable.

Everyone can probably agree that Near has missed opportunities and alienated very capable builders by making it too difficult to get involved with Near.

This might be due to:

  • Lack of push and pull marketing
  • Overly complicated proposal and onboarding flows
  • Unclear organizational focus
  • Pulling back on resources
  • Missing support and simplified playbooks

In the past, I’ve helped establish and build new innovation labs and digital marketing initiatives in both large international organizations and Web3 startups.

The same challenges listed above inhibit the transformative growth needed at Near.

This type of responsibility requires working directly with the Near community for the best results. We also need to continue to work with various stakeholders, partners, builders, and new community members internationally to get the best results.

My background is a blend of all the elements and skillsets required to jumpstart this effort, leadership, strategy, digital marketing, branding, growth-hacking, etc.

I’d like to throw my hat in the ring once more to get more involved with the Near ecosystem as the Marketing NDC Workground Lead to make sure we’re able to execute against Near’s collective goals, engage with more builders, and provide more value as a whole.

If you have any questions, please do hesitate to ask.

Do you support Klint as the Marketing Lead for NDC?

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Klint, would be happy to get directed in marketing by you! :sunny:

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Impressive track record!
I voted for the proposal, please help to deliver the solutions for the problem as mentioned earlier in your pitch!

And I’m happy to contribute my part to the solution too!


Voted and in support!