NEAR @ Collision 4/20-4/22

Collision Conference is taking place virtually from 4/20-4/22. Bloomberg has referred to it as “one of the world’s biggest tech conferences” that brings together the people and companies redefining the global tech industry. It has garnered global attention and attendance with an estimate of 40,000 people attending from 120+ countries. This event is part of the Web Summit family, which has been hosted in Lisbon for the last few years. Collision will be testing waters for what NEAR can do at Web Summit later this year.

This is a popular tech event and we are well-positioned to draw attention to NEAR and reach a Web2 audience that is eager to learn about and play with emerging tech. This is fertile ground to test NEAR messaging, start narrative building, onboard users to NEARnames, and get a pulse on how we are resonating with a Web2 audience.

Here’s what NEAR is bringing to the table at Collision:

  • 4/20 at 8am PDT: 45 minute Roundtable (with a newsletter feature, push notification to confirmed attendees, and feature in web app schedule) - @illia will lead this with a special guest (TBA). A few attendees will have the opportunity to join the Roundtable to ask questions, but all attendees will have the option to opt-in as a spectator.

  • 4:20 at 9:30am PDT: 30 minute Masterclass (with a newsletter to target audience and social media) - @mattlockyer will teach “Easy Building on Blockchain”

cc: @AlexTinsman @Laura @mallynear @waverlymaven @jlwaugh @tiffanygyj

Stay tuned for more details and if you would like to get involved, please let me know :blush:


very excited to help with this and have lots of ideas for special guest and messaging angles for Web2 audience! count me in 100%. getting to be part of Web Summit would be huge.

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Yes! I truly believe we can make some waves with this audience. Excited to partner up with you, Mally!

Super excited to help with this too! Looking forward to get the stats of success :wink:

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Excited for this, and happy to plug in on positioning and messaging along with @mallynear. Let’s get some hype going on socials. :slight_smile:

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