NEAR Certified Architect (NCAR) Design by OWA

Introduction: The Open Web Academy (OWA) is a virtual school to certify specialized developers for web 3.0 creating DApps of NEAR Protocol. READ MORE

NEAR Certified Architect Deding by OWA

Objective of the project: Design a training space in the form of Certification that allows participants the scalability of DApps towards mainnet, through the implementation of good practices in Rust.

Certification objective: Teach developers within the NEAR ecosystem to apply tools to scale and maintain decentralized applications launched on the mainnet.

Certification duration: 5 days from Monday to Friday, with a daily one-hour session and asynchronous theoretical-practical content.

On March 28, the construction of the academic documents necessary for the delivery of a NEAR certification began, such as the syllabus, a format that allows its design and planning, this first certification entitled NEAR Certified Architect, aims to teach developers within the NEAR ecosystem to apply tools to scale and maintain decentralized applications launched on the mainnet. The certification lasts 5 days, having 1 hour for each session where different contents considered necessary for the construction of DApps are addressed, such as: the construction of an intelligent contract, implementation of methods to allow its maintenance and updating (migrate/ upgrade), application of tools such as IPFS Servers, Indexers (The Graph) and technical recommendations by the NEAR Protocol such as the use of Good Practices in Rust, Management of the use of GAS, Cross Contract Callbacks and finally it is shown how to carry out the deployment of a smart contract on mainnet to implement it in a DApp.

Activities carried out for the design of the certification.

  • Conceptualization of certification.
  • Creation of a syllabus document for structuring the certification.
  • Content proposal
  • Development of the theoretical framework of the proposed contents.
  • Instructional design of the activities proposed for the participants.
  • Design and download content in Notion for public viewing of content.
  • Creation of Hispanic community in Discord
  • Mobilization of spaces on Twitter.
  • Creation of 2 question and answer spaces (AMA)
  • Delivery of a certification pilot

It is expected that upon reaching the NEAR Certified certification, participants will be able to design, manage and scale decentralized applications launched on mainnet and apply development tools for their scalability.

In the following space you can see the result of the first certification pilot.

:globe_with_meridians::globe_with_meridians:LINK TO THE FIRST PILOT BOOTCAMP
:globe_with_meridians::globe_with_meridians:DOCUMENTATION LINK IN NNOTION OF THE CERTIFICATION

CloudMex team:

Alan Estrada - @cloudmex-alan - Leader Project

Cristian Zambrano - @Cristian - Project Leader / NEAR Certified Instructor

José Canales - @JoseCanales99 - NEAR Certified Instructor

Irving Cancino - @irvingcong - Academic Design

Community and communication

Spaces to communicate and talk with the community about the following certifications

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