Open Web Academy | Official Announcement

Hello everyone! :wave:t2:, on this occasion we want to make the official announcement of an educational and training academy that was born in Mexico for the LATAM region.

Open Web Academy


Every NEAR Certified Developer becomes an essential part of the NEAR Ecosystem, in the long term it is necessary to document and specialize the knowledge that is being created with NEAR Hispano community.

NEAR Certified Developers can become part of the Open Web Academy to expand and document their skills on their NEAR DApp development journey.


The Open Web Academy (OWA) is a virtual school to certify specialized developers for web 3.0 creating NEAR Protocol DApps.

The main result of this project is the highly specialized documentation created and shared with the NEAR community.


Objective of the OWA:

Design specialization certifications for the use and development of the NEAR Protocol in a 100% Spanish language.


  • NCAR: NEAR Certified Architect, a certification dedicated to specializing participants in the language and good practices of Rust with the aim of maintaining and launching applications to mainnet

  • NCAD: NEAR Certified Aurora Developer, a certification dedicated to specializing participants in the Aurora infrastructure, use of Solidity to create smart contracts and implementation of the Rainbow Bridge

  • NCGD: NEAR Certified Game Developer, a certification dedicated to specializing participants in the implementation of blockchain technology in video games.

  • NCE: The NEAR Certified Entrepreneur is a space to learn how to transform a project or idea into a business model based on the characteristics demanded by Web 3.0

Team CloudMex

Alan Estrada - Leader Project @cloudmex-alan
Cristian Zambrano - Project Leader / NEAR Certified Instructor @Cristian
José Canales - NEAR Certified Instructor @JoseCanales99
Irving Cancino - Academic Design @irvingcong

Community and communication

Spaces to communicate and talk with the community about the following certifications

Follow OWA very closely because we seek to grow a lot in these coming months :fire:



This will be a great proyect! More education, more developers and more DApps


Congratulations team !!! :grin: what a good news !!

I’m so excited for this official release. It was a pleasure to take part as student in the first project tests. The courses, the resources and the facilitators are amazing, I hope to participate in the coming certifications.

Excellent project !!


Great job guys! I’m looking forward to participate in the upcoming Aurora certification. See you there!


excellent, congratulations for decentralized education

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Amazing initiative!

Enrolling for NCE now!


Congratulations friend! Excellent work! LFG


So excited to see all the work around Open Web Academy, hope to see you all soon in OWA programs!