[Approved] Meet the Latino builders of NEAR | Diffusion of NEAR content in Spanish

Do you want to know who builds in NEAR? Do you want to know how to develop in NEAR? What benefits are there to develop in NEAR?


Open Web Academy is an educational DAO (see DAO dashboard) that runs Web 3 learning programs to teach people how to develop and launch decentralized projects; develops IRL events to incorporate new web builders 3 and promotes the creation of enable solutions on NEAR Protocol for 10 months and now wants to scale with the recruitment of enthusiasts and builders of NEAR by creating educational content that both experienced and non-experienced Learn about the NEAR Protocol, about the Spanish-speaking developers who contribute to the ecosystem, and about how to start building for NEAR.

About Open Web Academy :globo_con_meridianos:

The Open Web Academy has been testing NEAR certified bootcamps, and its members have worked for the past two years on NEAR Protocol educational projects, as well as building and configuring NEAR validator nodes in Stakewars III.

Our team includes:

OWA social networks.

Background :mujer_oficina_trabajadora:

Since the creation of the OWA, the internal team has been in charge of producing and disseminating graphic and multimedia materials through social networks that allowed the approach of interested parties to integrate into parallel projects on NEAR. This same material is listed below for verification, clarifying that these resources have not been financed by MarketingDAO.

  • “Montando nodos en NEAR” - Series of live broadcasts to show the process of assembling validator nodes and give details and news about StakeWars.

  • OWA LIVE - Series of live broadcasts to talk about the NEAR Protocol and show the basic theoretical and technical aspects of working with the NEAR network.

  • Smart Contract Construction - Live session to guide you through the technical parameters of creating smart contracts with NEAR.

  • OWA Spaces and infographics: +6 Twitter spaces related to NEAR and 3 infographics related to NEAR.

Other Open Web Academy projects

  • NEAR Certified Architec: Technical and pedagogical design of a certification oriented to the construction of dapps in NEAR. As well as its first implementation.

  • NEAR Certified AURORA Developer: Technical and pedagogical design of a certification oriented to the construction of smart contracts with AURORA network. As well as its first implementation.

  • NEAR Certified Game Developer: Technical and pedagogical design of a certification oriented to the construction of videogames that implement NEAR technology.

  • OWA Validator Node: Assembly of a validator node in the NEAR mainnet network to support Latin American development, derived from Stake Wars.

  • Hackathon Open Web House Supported by NEAR: Hackathon oriented to build solutions in NEAR Protocol held in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

Proposal :mujer_oficina_trabajadora:

Generation of a series of valuable content with a duration of one month (January in case of approval) that allows to arouse the interest of new builders for NEAR Protocol and show the benefits of the network through the following activities.

  • “Constructores de la Web 3” - NEAR Interview series with builders from Latam - 2 Episodes on Youtube per month
  • NEAR AMA’s on Telegram w/Giveaways - Invite a Web 3 builder on NEAR to talk with the community on Telegram. 2 times per month
  • Written articles - Projects on NEAR being builded on Latam - 2 articles on Medium per month
  • Construyendo la Web 3 - Live building session on NEAR w NEAR Certified Developers - 3 Lives on Youtube per month / 2 hour duration
  • Marketing OWA - Promotion NEAR builders - Coverage of OWA (Twitter + Telegram) promotion for NEAR contents, copy writting, graphic design and post of contents.
  • YouTube Shorts for building on Web 3 with NEAR - 10 Youtube Shorts per mont

Value proposal. :star_struck:

  • Content 100% in Spanish for Latino communities
  • Content created by technical staff with experience in NEAR and with the support of digital marketing specialists.
  • Monitoring of stakeholders in collective development study groups.

Objectives :dardo:

  • Create Spanish-language marketing content to educate more about what builders in Latam are doing using the NEAR Protocol.
  • Arouse interest about the NEAR Protocol among web 2.0 software developers and developers of other blockchains
  • Channeling of interested parties to collaborate with the development of the ecosystem.

Target audiences :familia_hombre_hombre_niña_niño:

Web 2.0 software developers, developers of other blockchains, people with little technical background, blockchain enthusiasts.

Budget :bolsa de dinero:

Content Distribution channel Details Deliverable Amount USDC per month
Constructores de la Web 3 - NEAR Interview series with builders from Latam YouTube contact with NEAR builders, interview recording, audio and video editing, creation of thumbnails and dissemination of the material through social networks 2 Episodes per month 1600
NEAR AMA’s on Telegram w/Giveaways Telegram contact NEAR builders, create graphic material for the promotion of the event, diffusion through social networks, logistics for the realization of the AMA and logistics to distribute 100 USD of the same amount in a giveaway Invite a Web 3 builder on NEAR to talk with the community on Telegram. 2 times per month. 400
Written articles - Projects on NEAR being builded on Latam Medium Field research about projects built in NEAR, interviews with project owners, writing articles of approximately 2500 words, grammar and spelling check, dissemination of the article through social networks. 2 articles per month 500
Construyendo la Web 3 - Live building session on NEAR w NEAR Certified Developers Youtube Plan the technical-educational content for the live,
coordinate the event with the NEAR expert, coordinate with a streaming technician, creation of graphic content to brand the live, promotion through social networks
3 Lives per month / 2 hour duration 3000
Marketing OWA - Promotion NEAR builders Twitter + Telegram coordinate an entire marketing team that enables the creation and promotion of NEAR content Coverage of OWA promotion for NEAR contents, copy writting, graphic design and post of contents. 700
YouTube Shorts for building on Web 3 with NEAR YouTube Field research for topic selection, script writing for the creation of the short, recording of the short, editing of the short, promotion that encourages the viralization of the content 10 Shorts 900
TOTAL 7100

Wallet for funding: open-web-academy.sputnik-dao.near


This is an awesome proposal.

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Awesome proposal and great opportunity to learn more about the NEAR protocol :fire:

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Excellent opportunity to bring more people from the LATAM community through knowledge :+1::ok_hand:

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Lets go for it! keep building from Latam!

The education about NEAR in another languages it’s so important to grow up the community, this project it’s an excellent opportunity to make the Latin-American community closer to the web 3 world and NEAR Protocol!


Hey @irvingcong thanks for the proposal. We have new guidelines and a new application form in place after our relaunch in November. Can you check those out and submit the form so we can do a proper application review?

In the meantime, while I do see the need for more Spanish language content, I’ll note that your distribution channels are very early stage. Neither the Twitter you posted nor the one from your site exists. While I do get the need for funding to create significant amounts of content, we have a reduced budget and are focused on funding fewer projects now. We’re looking to fund those that demonstrate very high quality, some evidence of traction and the team’s ability to execute on the marketing proposed, as well as alignment with the NEAR Foundation’s KPIs outlined in the guidelines.

Additionally, there’s an argument to be made that it’s a better use of Community funds to translate existing high-quality content vs. funding the creation of new content. Do you have any plans to translate existing educational content out there?


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hello @so608
Thank you for the prompt response and feedback you gave to this proposal.
Your comment allowed us to see that there were old errors in the URLs in the writing. I describe the changes made below:

  • I have updated the Twitter URL (we recently changed the URL for better positioning).
  • I have added our Medium profile.
  • Our site had a redirection problem, which has now been resolved and can be viewed.
  • I added links to other projects related to NEAR that we have carried out, with the intention that I visualize the quality of our work.
  • The tally form was completed the same day as the forum post.
  • We started working on a parallel proposal about the translation of already created content, as we found that comment very interesting. I(see soon a new proposal related to translation).

After this, I hope the proposal can be reviewed again and that it can be taken into account that the amounts requested will help create more and higher quality content, compared to the content that we currently generate in a non-profit way.
Also comment that our social networks, in addition to being in Spanish, are of a technical nature and that they contain 100% organic followers.

I am waiting for more comments. Thanks again!


@so608 hello and happy new year. I am waiting for new feedback! :sweat_smile:

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Hi irving,

Thanks for your patience and proposal.

I support this proposal. Here are some of the reasoning and notes:

  • OWA has been an early contributor to the NEAR ecosystem. The amount of quality work the team consistently puts out is the main driver behind most of the adoption NEAR has had in Latam.
  • OWA members have demonstrated true commitment to NEAR and its success. The ratio of funding OWA has received to output puts every other regional hub to shame.
  • I’ve witnessed how OWA recruited and trained several participants from LATAM region into Stake Wars, many of which are not joining Mainnet. I can’t stress how important this is for decentralisation and for the sustainability of these communities long term. I’ll also note that several of the full time community support members who assisted others in SW discord came from NEAR Hispano, trained by OWA.
  • I also have first hand experience meeting eager web3 builders in Colombia and referring them to the NEAR Hispano, OWA communities. This experience highlighted the important of local language content, in particular learning content.
  • First comes training. Then comes building. Now we need awareness. I support this proposal as a reasonable way to give visibility to existing projects - increasing their chances of success - as well as attracting more learners and builders.

The only thing I will note is that perhaps the proposal is too ambitious to start. Perhaps the team may want to narrow down some of the categories - prioritise highest impact and expand over time.

Keep up the good work,



Hi @irvingcong + team – thanks for the follow up. I appreciate the update to the links and response to feedback posted here.

While I agree with @satojandro that the proposal may have too wide a scope and your marketing efforts may be more effective if narrowed in the future on doing fewer things at a higher quality vs. trying to be on all the platforms, I also agree that Spanish language content is extremely valuable to the ecosystem. You also have a track record of working within the ecosystem, have demonstrated the ability to convey technical information and concepts in a high quality way and have also a unique approach in your live building sessions (I especially applaud unique approaches to content like this).

Happy to support for a month so we can evaluate the progress. I could see us asking to refine/change some things in the future based on performance as marketing and content are always an iterative process.

You still need one more council member to support for approval. Best of luck!


You can now

1)Proceed to Poll on AstroDAO.
2)Once the poll is approved, you need to submit THIS form Ironclad.


The poll in astroDAO has already been created​:white_check_mark:, thanks to everyone who evaluated this proposal. Rest assured that we will take into account all the feedback you gave us to improve the dissemination of the valuable content that we already generate. In a few weeks we will be presenting the corresponding report, where we hope the growth and importance of content for the enthusiastic and development community of LATAM can be seen reflected with numbers.
Thanks again! :muscle:

@irvingcong congrats on the approval!!

Not much of a Spanish speaker but know my way around content.

Love to learn more on how I can contribute :slight_smile:

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Hello, I forgot to comment here, here you can see the report of this proposal