Monthly Report OWS [January]

Below is the progress report of the Open Web Sandbox in January.

Highlights of the month:

  • In January OWS Team has finalised compiling the KPI report that will be published monthly as of now to track increasing awareness, onboarding, and engagement using comprehensive but also representative for OWS metrics. Special thanks to @Jacopo and @vrdoingthings for setting these up.
    Click here for the condensed KPI report
    Click here for the full (dashboards included) KPI report

  • Finalised collaboration with the NEAR Legal Guild and the Playbook for the community released based on the OWS use-case

  • OWS has its own space on NEAR Hub Space: click here to check out. Ideation and design credit to @Samtoshi_F_Baby and @vrdoingthings We are planning to move all our events to the Metaverse and start onboarding newcomers there whenever possible. We are also happy to share the space with whoever might be interested to host their events/meetups in the truly decentralized first metaverse on NEAR!

  • Enhanced project support & discarded Rolling Opportunities. While we removed the list of rolling opportunities, @williamx @Monish016 @FritzWorm and @AnaNastya continue reachinhg out to the new and existing NEAR projects and Guilds to ensure there are various types of tasks available for the contributors.

  • Increased amount of projects for the contributors. Currently, OWS is helping 13 NEAR native projects to move forward with different initiatives.

  • OWS joining the Guilds Platform Advisory Group. @chronear Thank you for putting things together and looking forward to contributing where I can!

Thank you for your attention!