Monthly Report OWS [May 2022]

Below is the Open Web Sandbox progress report for April.

Highlights of the month

  • Like April, here is our May KPI Report., tracking increasing Awareness, Onboarding, and Engagement.
    • Social media followers up a healthy 2-116%.
  • Development of new business model. Due to the changes in funding from NF toward the broader NEAR guilds ecosystem, OWS has began a transition to a self-sufficient model. The first step of this transition is the development of a for-profit business strategy.
  • Onboarding of first two projects under our new for-profit financial strategy.
  • Sonya and Vasilya will be leaving OWS as of June, with Jacopo taking lead of OWS, and Valentina and Anastasiia taking over managerial control of product development and project management, respectively.
  • Continued work with Valeriy Nemyrov who joined the team to help with the business plan and strategy ( discord: ValtheDad#6518).
  • Halting OWS Education. With the series now consisting of 19 educational videos and corresponding articles, we are putting the project on halt for the foreseeable future. We Have covered 3 basic onboarding topics: OWS, Blockchain, and NEAR basics. This will be enough for our new contributors to get oriented in the ecosystem. Our plan for the future is to cover ‘working in crypto’ and ‘working in the NEAR ecosystem’ related topics.
  • The continuation of the Mentorship Program: Mentors’ teams were involved in 4 projects, the total number of mentees - 15. Number of mentees who moved from Tier3 to Tier2 - 5. Credit to @AnaNastya.
  • Prospective halt of the Mentorship Program.