Monthly Report OWS [December]

Dear community,

Here is the report of OWS activities in December.

1. Social media

  • Discord (3712 members, 42%+ since November)
  • Twitter ( 3258 followers, 20% since November)
  • Youtube (123 subscribers, 62%+ since November)
  • Medium (44 followers, 29%+ since November)

2. Events:

Weekly AMA’s: 3 AMA’s hosted weekly (all can be found on YT channel)

3. Projects that engaged with the OWS in October-November

As of now, it is also possible to check out all the current projects in the integrated dashboard here

I would also like to share feedback projects have left to OWS for improvement purposes. We highly appreciate this input because it gives us important sights into how to become more efficient in the future.

4. Internal updates

  • A full report on the Sandbox Customer Journey is available here. In the coming months our team will be working on the pain points identified to make onboarding to OWS and NEAR ecosystem more simple.

  • A proposal for the new Tiering System to facilitate OWS contributor’s progress can be found here. Feedback will be highly appreciated

  • December Reward Claiming cycle has been completed, every contributor has received personalized feedback under their forum post. Report can be found here

  • OWS AML Risk Assessment Playbook and Privacy Policy Implementation on the way (in collaboration with the Legal Guild)


I liked the ama part. Easily available on youtube if one misses on the live timings.
Learning from experts is also great.
And a quiz to refresh all the learnings was also great.


Hello @gokubaba , thank you for sharing this :slightly_smiling_face: