[REPORT] NEAR Indonesia Guild Report for JAN 22

Hello everyone, Good Morning! We are from NEAR Indonesia, together with @agungdjs want to inform some of the things we have done in January 2022, here is the detailed report of the monthly activities, :


The number of followers increased from 50 to 110 followers


The number of followers increased from 101 to 309 followers


Now we have more than 300 Telegram group members from 140 in the last month

We also create another Sub-Channel Group for NFT Enthusiast and inviting potential group members to take care of sub-channels and hopefully be involved in some activities related to NFT in the future


On January 23, 2022 we have held a webinar to discuss Crypto in general and also promote the NEAR Protocol by inviting speakers with the details described in the previous proposal.

there are about 133 participants who fill out the registration form



So far, we have published only 6 articles through the medium because we started this when the funding was issued and we agreed to start it in the middle of January. At first we promised about 3 articles to be published every week, but apparently there was a miscommunication with the contributors because there were some adjustments to the article’s word count. There will be about 8 articles that we will publish in response to our previous proposals until mid-February 2022.


and we also deploy a cute custom bot in the telegram group to make it easier for greet new users, and also to get to know NEAR for a start (even tho we didn’t proposed about this in the proposal, we just love to do it)


And also we are in partnership with several NFT driving communities in Indonesia, holding a meeting to discuss the potential for cooperation between NEAR Indonesia, PARAS and IDNFT

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The event sharing session was held in collaboration with Paras in one of the regions in Indonesia: Semarang

The topic is discussing the development of NFT, the NEAR Platform and also exploring the potential for collaboration with local creators and artists there.

Special thanks to @riqi & team, @agungdjs and @marketingdao-council for make it happened together! We are always happy to educate and support the development of NEAR in Indonesia! :beer: :beer: :beer:


Thank You for awesome report.
Have a great day!


Awesome Report!!! Incredible Work :boom:

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You Guys are creating value to Near ecosystem

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@derymars what a strong participation! You are a source of inspiration. :dizzy:

We are just announcing a neighbor guild for Malaysia! Excited to be collaborating in the future to help advance NEAR in the SEA region! Stay tuned. :handshake: