Metrics pilot cohort Certified NEAR Developer program - NCDL1C3

NEAR Certified Developer L1 Cohort 3

How it started:

Mailing list: 102 contacts ->191 contacts

First session attendees: 21 people

Submitted contract review: 15 people

Presented Demo: 12 people

How it ends:


:trophy: Grand Prize of Ⓝ100 goes to Small Group E with their tremendous NEARMons project. Repo

Danny, Arthur, Daryl! Way to go!

:gift: Second place with awards of Ⓝ50 goes to THREE teams:

  • Help a Paw by Hiba Machfej, Ozan İşgör, Ahmet, Çağatay Soyer. Congrats! Repo
  • MessageBox by SergZen, Danielo, Nikita. Well done! Repo
  • Dinosaurs by Ryan Young, Jordan Gray, Robert Han. Awesome job! Repo

:3rd_place_medal: Third prize of Ⓝ25 goes to Arthur Zhuk with Creature Catcher Repo! Solo project for learning sake - taking extra mile never hurts!

Ⓝ10 goes to Corey for Token Gate. Brilliant idea and we are looking forward to see it implemented in code in the coming weeks!

Discord server members: 114

NEAR tokens rewarded: 375 NEAR - 285 for demo and 90 as median and course completion reward.


Great to experience this, strong program!

Do we have a way to reach NCD alumns? One of the thoughts behind OWL is to ensure the momentum isn’t lost after NCD and hacks.

Do the results get published on social media? It would strengthen the cohort connections and bring more developers to the program.

Next week we will be working on NCD L2 program to maintain momentum.