Metrics pilot cohort Certified NEAR Developer program - NCDL1C4

NEAR Certified Developer L1 Cohort 4

How it started:

Mailing list: 191 contacts ->227 contacts

First session attendees: 36 people

Submitted contract review: 19 people

Presented Demo: 8

How it ends:


:trophy: Grand Prize of Ⓝ100 goes to THREE projects:

  • Art Demo by Ziad, Hajr, Yassine. Congrats! Repo
  • NEARBankable by Samuel, Aron, Taurai. Well done! Repo
  • Star by MartinYeung, Docker, Jibo, Wangxi, Mdex. Awesome job!

:gift: Second place with awards of Ⓝ50 goes to TWO teams:

  • Promises by Elderbob. Congrats! Repo
  • The Players by Amira, Gyan. Well done! Repo

:3rd_place_medal: Third prize of Ⓝ25 goes to goes to THREE teams:

  • Popular Team by Ryan Young, Jordan Gray, Robert Han. Awesome job! Repo
  • NEAR-Enough by Simon, Ashish. Congrats! Repo
  • The Giving Foundation by Gyan, Shankar. Way to Go! Repo

Discord server members: 150

NEAR tokens rewarded: 575 NEAR - 475 for demo and 100 as median and course completion reward.