Metrics cohort 6 NEAR Certified Developer program - NCDL1C6

NEAR Certified Developer L1 Cohort 6

How it started:

Mailing list: 242 contacts ->260 contacts

First session attendees: 13 people

Submitted contract review: 5 people

Presented Demo: 2

How it ends:


:trophy: Grand Prize of Ⓝ100 goes to TWO projects:

  • NEAR Analytics by varadbal.near. Congrats! Repo
  • Rocket Approval by oui.near, axle.near. Well done! Repo

Discord server members: 185

NEAR tokens rewarded: 210 NEAR - 200 for demo and 10 as median and course completion reward.

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@sasha When is the next cohort? i tried to enrol for the developer program. But after Login with NEAR it circles back to the same page and not enrolling for the course

@adarshsunil Please email me at