Metrics pilot cohort Certified NEAR Developer program - NCDL1C2

Metrics pilot cohort Certified NEAR Developer program - NCDL1C2

NEAR Certified Developer L1 Cohort 2

How it started:

Mailing list: 30 contacts ->102 contacts

First session attendees: 21 people

Submitted contract review: 15 people

Presented Demo: 12 people

How it ends:


:trophy: Grand Prize of Ⓝ100 goes to Small Group G with their tremendous Riddles project (source code):

Ryan, CJ, Veneris, Max, Xu Endong! Way to go!

:gift: Second place with an award of Ⓝ50 goes to Small Group D: Alex, Dmitry, Vlad, Andrew, Celestine, with Community Redirector Extension (source code)! Congrats!

:3rd_place_medal: Third prize of Ⓝ25 goes to Jilt with NFT Staking concept! Brilliant idea and we are looking forward to seeing it implemented in code in the coming weeks!

Contacts:102 emails

Discord server members: 82

NEAR tokens rewarded: 290 NEAR - 175 for demo and 115 as median and course completion reward.

:joy: Fun stuff - DOOM3 to NEAR VM

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@jilt any updates on the this? Was the idea that an NFT would be staked to generate a fungible token or that you could stake a fungible token to earn NFTs?

Love the 2nd angle of using any FT, especially with the Rainbow Bridge availalbe. Having boilerplate to spin up an NFT farm for any bridged token is instant utility and incentive!


Hey Jordan, I’m setting up the GitHub repo for this, but it won’t be ready till next week, I’ll post the link here, and thanks for your interest!

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While detailing the project on GitHub

I want you to know I’ve published two NFTs to support the development of this project you can find them here

Would also like to point out that it’s about a couple of years that I’m working on the design of this videogame and I would gladly contribute to the validators network of near leveraging the cultural niche I’ve been growing on in these two years with my collaborators.

NFTs are meant to reward these collaborators and some new ones like artiqvault.near that showed interest in the last days.

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