Metrics pilot cohort Certified NEAR Developer program - NCDL1C1

NEAR Certified Developer L1 Cohort 1

How it started:

Initial mailing list: 30 people

First session attendees: 24 people

Submitted contract review: 15 people

Presented Demo: 6 people

Feedback submitted: 3 persons

How it ends:


:trophy: Grand Prize of Ⓝ100 goes to Small Group A with their tremendous NearDice project (source code):

Marco, Joe, Qiao, KK, and Robert! Way to go!

:gift: Second place with an award of Ⓝ50 goes to Small Group D and Jacob “solo” Superman with Wagers (source code)! Congrats!

Contacts: 30 emails

Discord server members: 46

NEAR tokens rewarded: 220 NEAR - 150 for demo and 70 as median and course completion reward


Congrats on the progress :rocket::sparkles:

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Great job, Sherif and Sasha!

The feedback from developers is excellent, though we do have a lot to improve :slight_smile: